Unreal Tournament 2003

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All Files In Unreal Tournament 2003 Robots
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Robots Raze

A very nice blue robot skin! Click here to Enlarge http://www.gamingfiles.com/screenshots/1/files/6782.jpg


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Robots Roboking

After 10 long years of fighting in the tournament, he became a champion, but not without a price... Click here to Enlarge http://ww...


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Robots Shadow by Qualor

Here's a robot skin with some good lookin textures. Click here to Enlarge http://www.gamingfiles.com/screenshots/1/files/7183.jpg...


Robots Chrome

A chrome version of the widowmaker skin :)


Robots Enter The Basics

The latest skin by Aidan Harris which this time is a robot skin. Check out the screenshot!


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Robots Concreet

Great skin. I wouldn't want to piss this guy off. http://www.gamingfiles.com/screenshots/1/files_extra/8743thumb.jpg http...


Robots Death Row

There was an oil crisis in 2354. So scientists decided to make a bot that would run on blood instead of feul. The whole experiment went mad,...


Robots Chronos

A cool robot looking skin. Check out the Daedalus skin also.


Robots Daedalus

A cool robot looking skin. Check out the Chronos skin also.


Robots Dark Legion

This is an update off the dark legion skinpack, at has 3 new skins: deepfrost, Xtreme and executioner. All skins are original models but m...


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Robots Warrior

A new skin for Corrosion or Renegade.


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Robots WarriorV2

Another new skin for Corrosion/Renegade.


Robots Rust

Its an old rusty robot, reminds me of my computer ;-)


Robots Flame Saber

I like they way he showed some wear and tear on some of the armor, but it would have been better to show a few more scratches. Would show t...


Robots $!LV3R

Another clean skin from Reaper (I don't do leet speak, sorry-Ghost Rider). It's definitely what it says, silver!


Robots Bone Breaker

This is a really freaky robot skin.


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Robots Remorse

My second skin.More battle scarred armour texture with a more "Oily" look. The default bots are cool, but their skins are too clean. Alot...


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Robots WraithGuard

WraithGuard elite jungle-bot, from Nali homeworld. Now out of production, and decommisioned from active service. Some bots bought by Reb...


Robots A7TU88B

Another cool Robot skin from Repoman. It's a skin for the Corrosion model with a more greenish look and lots of other details :D


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Robots X-Man

Name: X-Man Age: N/A Race: Artificial Lifeform Data: Once a veteran of the games he developed an incureable disease, so his brain...


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Robots Whipslash

Another great skin from repoman. This time it's a robot that survived a crash and is ready to frag us all :D


Robots Cabal

Well, if you like black with some colors, here you have it :)


Robots Aphex

This is another cool robot skin, bit thirsty for blood as you can see:D


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Robots Rusted

Name: Rusted Age: N/A Race: Norn CyberSys combat bot S/N X-0001 Data: During a recent team match in the Rustatorium arena a stray l...


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