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Robots GoldenRod

Name: GoldenRod Age: 49 Race: Cyborg Data: Once a wealthy sociallite now a psychotic cyborg. After having a terrible grav-cycle a...


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Robots NinjaBot

It seems that widowmaker has done a course of kung fu...well here's the result, a ninjabot :D


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Robots Vacojin

Look what happens when you think a minute about science...gj. Ow and don't forget to read the readme guy's, there's an important line in...


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Robots Pulsar

Another skin by Repoman. This model doesn't seems to be skinned before, but there's a first time for everything :)


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Robots Xylem

Nothing really special, but it's good. It's looks like a better version of the original rapier skin (==> Much better if you askme :p)


Robots De(@)th -R0w-

The second version of my death row skin. I've added new portraits and a new face (so u can choose between 2 faces, renegade like or corrosio...


Robots Kruci

Nice new skins from Matt 'Shuriken' Richardson This file contains 2 new skinned faces based on the Lillith model. Enjoy :p: N...


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Robots Lyte

Based on the advanced Widowmaker platform. The "Twilight Hunter" utilizes next generation infra-red and advanced thermal scan technology....


Robots Havot Bot CE

Skin For the Warboss model... This is from the upcoming Chaos Ut2k3 Mod.


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Robots Silencer

Elite Battle Droid from an unkown planet where he was part of the Boneless-Death-Legion 13.Programmed to terminate or protect individual lif...


Robots Kanji

Very nice skin.Love that radiant stuff :).~To be reviewed by the skin reviewing staff


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Robots The Silence

There currently is no description available for this file. It is available for download, and a description will be added as soon as possibl...


Robots Chill Blade

We currently don't have a description for this file yet. It is available for download, and we'll have a description made available as soon...


Robots Brazen10

This is a great skin pack, worth the download. So many pretty colors... I can't choose my favorite... I bet they're fruit flavored too


Robots Bloodthirst

This is a new skin for the Renegade model. It's a nice skin, not all that great though, check it out and let us know what you think!


Robots SKN-Neutronic

A Mandible skin that is very beutiful, considering it was made by Qx9, well, the quality is second to none. The screen captures for the scr...


Robots Gold Theif

Yet another Corrosion skin by Tinydude91. Not a whole lot of difference, but he's yellow!


Robots Black Knight

Yet another Corrosion skin by Tinydude. Can't say I'm too fond of these because not much work's involved, but I guess they're okay for...


Robots Bloodhunter

Ok, I've played with this skin and it looks good. Of course it looks good, its simply a recolour of a premade skin by the UT2003 developers!...


Robots Rusted

Rusted metal version of Corrosion. Please see screenshots for more.


Robots Warhammer

WarHammer was created about 60 years ago as a result of the human losses during the Human/Scaarj war. After the Project was finished, WarHam...


Robots Klasnic Phoenix Skin

Full 4 team gametype support and yes, it glows in the dark with a flame effect going through it ;)


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