Unreal Tournament 2003
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Startup Screens ATI Replacement

This replaces the Nvidia screen with a ATI screen. Look at the screenshot. http://www.gamingfiles.com/screenshots/1/files_extra/8182...


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Startup Screens Razzd

This screen replaces the Nvidia startup screen. http://www.gamingfiles.com/screenshots/1/files_extra/8756thumb.jpg


Startup Screens Nvidialogo

Changes the startup screen to a ATI logo instead of Nvidia.


Startup Screens Shintro.zip

This will replace that dull intro for UT2K3 with a more interesting one featuring a slaughterhouse opening. It's a nice change of scenary,...


Startup Screens AMD the way its meant to be - Parad0xx

AMD64 introscreen by Parad0xx


Startup Screens fixed splashscreen

i noticed on flash screen it didnt look right i seen lots of blue in the black bit on bottom and the bars were misaligned yeah i know im...