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Tutorials How to get blood, if there is none!

If you for example live in germany, you only see green blood and no gore. So here's a help file that describes how you can add blood and go...


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Tutorials How to make Breaking Glass

A tutorial on how to create the effect of breaking glass (when a person shoots it) in Unreal Tournament 2003. Included are a Walkthrough an...


Tutorials UT2k3 Face Projection Skin Tutorial

This is a tutorial in skinning on how to use the face projection part of UPaint to put your own face or someone else's on the model.


Tutorials How to make portraits (tutorial)

My second tutorial. With this skinners can learn how to create there own portraits, not the ones upaint gives :)


Tutorials How to skin (tutorial)

A tutorial i've written myself for all you wannabee-skinners :D