Alcor Robots Pack

All Robots: Goldorak, Keekeelee, Megabyte and Robocop.

Another site Model set.


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All Robots: Goldorak, Keekeelee, Megabyte and Robocop.

Another site Model set.

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Model Name              : Robots, Goldorak, Keekeelee, Megabyte and Robocop.
installation directory  : C:\UT2003
Author, Skin Author     : Alcor
Email Address           :
HomePage		:

Model description       : 


Goldorak is the main character of a tv show that was very popular in Japan, Europe and Qu├ębec around 1985.  He's a big robot driven by a cool guy named Actarus.  Together they fight to save the earth, while the evil Vega army try to kill us all.  

So grab your Astero-Axe, your rocket launcher, your tag_torso... and let the blood rain you yellow horned war machine!


I'm not sure what Keekeelee actually is. Shaped like Marilyn Manson, this wacky Robot-Clown-Teletubies-Cuckoo clock-Bowling Ball from space loves to wear a check board skintight body suit under his rainbow colored armor.
He also likes to watch fireworks and porn movies on this chest mounted television.


This is Bad Guy Megabyte from the Mainframe Entertainment's Reboot TV cartoon. 


Robocop is a dead police man, brung back from the dead by robotic engineers. After his first night of service, he gets back some parts of his memory. He then proceed with an invertigation and realizes what happened to him. He decides to run away in order to avenge his own death.

Other info  :      	

This model pack is composed by 4 of my old models converted to UT2003.  I used BotA skeleton ,animations and rag doll files. I choosed to convert these model because they don't wear cloaks, which most of my models have.  So they don't require custom animations.  As soon as I learn how to create UT2003 models with custom animations I will convert the rest of them.

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