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This version of Anti Camper adds ini support and fixes a bug.


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This version of Anti Camper adds ini support and fixes a bug.

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Anti-Camper Mutator - by Hanzo

This Mutator monitors players and detects if someone is "Camping". If an offender is detected, that
player is penalized by a specified amount of health. As well, all players in the arena are alerted
that the player is Camping.


v1.11 - Added INI support

v1.1 - Fixed OldPlayer Array Bug, thanks Ricardo Santos

v1.0 - Initial Release

To Install on a Server:

1. Extract the and AntiCamper.u to your \ut2003\system\ dir.
2. Edit UT2003.ini and add: ServerPackages=AntiCamper under [Engine.GameEngine]
3. Run ucc mastermd5 *.u to build new cheat protection checksums.
4. Add Mutator "AntiCamper.MutAntiCamper" to your server startup script, ie:

c:\games\ut2003\system\ucc server DM-Antalus?Game=XGame.xDeathMatch?GameSpeed=1.00?WeaponStay=True?Translocator=False?FF=0.00?GoalScore=0?TimeLimit=15?MaxLives=0?AutoAdjust=False?Mutator=AntiCamper.MutAntiCamper?GameStats=False?MinPlayers=0?MaxPlayers=16?MaxSpectators=2?AdminName=Admin?AdminPassword=Password?difficulty=1 -server -log=Server.log

WARNING!: Don't forget to change AdminName and AdminPassword if you use this above line!!

The three variables used in AntiCamper are modifiable in the [AntiCamper.MutAntiCamper]
section of UT2003.ini, such as:



1. Select "AntiCamper" mutator from the list of mutators, and click "Configure Mutator".

2. Slide the "Camping Radius" slider to adjust the radius of the circle surrounding a player
   which is deemed the "camping zone". A larger radius means the player needs move farther before
   being labelled a camper, whereas a smaller radius means the player doesn't need to move as far.
   DEFAULT: 100.0.

3. Change the "Update Interval" to specify how many seconds will pass until a "Camper Check" is
   DEFAULT: 5 seconds.

4. Change the "Camping Health Penalty" to specify how much health a penalized camper will have
   taken away.
   DEFAULT: 25.


Thanks to Patrick Freeman for his work on the AntiCamper Mutator for UT.

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