This is another cool robot skin, bit thirsty for blood as you can see:D


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This is another cool robot skin, bit thirsty for blood as you can see:D

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Intelligence Attainment Systems (IAS) proudly presents the new race of intelligent lifeforms

APHEX (IAS-4H/K) Skin by Vandella (Gloria Baltes, Germany)

*phuh* ok... after a long time of work on the colours and details, I finally finished my
fourth skin. And it is... yes, you guessed, a robot. I usually am too busy with playing
Doom (THE oldtime shooter, I love this one) or Unreal or Quake or CS... but now I've really
made it to stop myself for creating a new skin... well, the story is again special. This 
skin was made with U Paint and Photoshop, first began to live inside my head and is now 
3 months old (Happy Birthday !).
Don't forget to feed Aphex with a lot of blood and a cocktail made of Jack Daniels with 
acid and a dash of ammonia. I don't take any responsibility for his reactions or deeds 
any more. 

Special greetings to Ralf at Skin City !!! :)



1) put the Aphex.upl file in your UT2003/system folder

2) put the Aphex.utx file in your UT2003/textures folder

3) now there's only one thing left to do. To see the bio of Aphex in your player menu, you
   have to copy the following line into your XPlayers.int file (can be found in your system 
   folder and can be opened with notepad... editor... such like this) 

Aphex="Name:  Aphex|Age:   not available|Race:  Modified Artificial Intelligence|Series:   IAS-4H/K||Data:|Never give soul to a machine... the result can be seen here. With newest technology, Aphex, a former cybernetic lifeform, has been given a cover of steel and platinum. The experiment to give a new character to the psychotic Aphex, seemed to bear fruit - for three months. He quickly developed technical abilities and changed the code of his core processor. An implanted chipcard inside his head should add tactical knowledge and wisdom. The experiment turned to the opposite by killing his creators and several other people at large. His processor advised him to give up and apply at Liandri Corp. to go on killing to get his daily ration of blood.||"

Hope you'll enjoy this skin as much as I am proud of it.
Any questions, comments, complaints or threats please send as an e- mail to [email protected]
Check out my other skins Pain, Cyria and Bonebreaker. 

- Frag or be fragged... that's the way of life - 


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