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This is one of the funnest weapon mods I've seen in a while. It completely replaces all weapons in the games with totally different ones....


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This is one of the funnest weapon mods I've seen in a while. It completely replaces all weapons in the games with totally different ones. For the most part is uses the same models, except on a few, but the skins look different.

The weapons take a fresh approach to making them unique, a mortar cannon's (Flak Gun) shot can be charged up to increase it's range, the secondary uses a camera inside the mortar itself and you can watch it from a bird's-eye view.

Another weapon, the Thermal Blaster (Starting weapon), has a unique dual primary and secondary fire, primary fires the left side, while the secondary files the right, and you can fire both at the same time.

This weapon mod is a must have!! It's ton of fun to play!

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Version:	Beta.03b
ReleaseDate:	October 2003
Type:		Weapon Modification
Author:		Donator
EMail:		[email protected]

Description:		ArkonWeapons is a weapon pack including a complete combat gear of 11+ new future themed tools of 				destruction. Some of them, like the ThermoBlasters and the Desintegrator, are mildly inspired by the 				Perry Rhodan universe, hence the mutator's name. To include them into your game just select the 				"ArkonWeapons" mutator from your config menu, or you might also use any other weapons replacer like 				WoRM or SwitchArsenal. The additional mutator "ArkonShields" is meant to be used in combination with 				the weapons to compensate for their superior firepower, but you're free to use it independently. It 				will outfit every player with configureable, self regenerating shields that also spawn a special, 				orb-like hit effect. New guns in this version: Fusion-Gatling Gun, LaserBomb and Arkon Missile 					Launcher. See ReadMe for complete list of changes and detailed weapon descriptions.

			ArkonWeapons.u	 	-> System
			ArkonWeaponsTex.utx	-> Textures
			ArkonWeaponsSMesh.usx	-> StaticMeshes
			ArkonWeaponsBETAv03.txt	-> Readme

			.jpg's			-> wherever you want

			Zip file has path info: just unzip to your UT2003 folder. This should overwrite some older files.
			Alternatively, if you downloaded a UT2MOD version, just doubleclick and follow instructions.


IMPORTANT:		Epic- and DigitalExtremes BonusPacks definitely required! 

			Also the following files of previous versions are now obsolete and need to be deleted:

			../system/	   /	CMortar.u	   /	DGrenade.u  /	Desintegrator.u	   /	PlasmaGun.u	   /	MassDriver.u	   /	TGrenade.u  /	ThermoBlaster.u	   /	ThermoProj.u

For Multiplayer:	To run ArkonWeapons and ArkonShields on a server, add the following lines to your UT2003.ini
			at the end of the [Engine.GameEngine] paragraph:


System Requirements:	Above average. Some weapons make heavy use of special effects and ignore low detail settings.

Version History:      rev.03b	- MassDriver beam effect brightened
				- Missile Launcher and PlasmaGun AI improved
				- fixed TONS of multiplayer bugs (LaserBomb behavior, various special FX not showing up, 					  Desintegrator Ammo system, PlasmaGun charging, LockOn feature, disappearing ThermoLaser...)
				- fixed the worst Accessed None's
				- ThermoBlasters revamped: modified RenderOverlays to display the same StaticMesh twice
				  (saving some framerates) and put pistols closer together, making them a lot more useful in 					  close quarter combat
				- tweaked bot-refire rates so they use rapidfire weapons more effectively

			v.03	- added new Arkon Missile/Grenade Launcher
				- added new Fusion-Gatling Gun
				- added new "LaserBomb" tripmine
				- wrapped up all weapons into a single .u file to further reduce number of total files used
				- New ThermoBlaster LockOn feature: if you have a lock, your pistols' firing angle will auto 					  adjust to the distance to your target so both projectiles meet exactly where your enemy is 					  standing. No firing over each other's shoulders any more.
				- ThermoBlasters slowly auto-replenish ammo if AmmoAmount below 100
				- Gave bots WAY better understanding of the Thermal Projector, in Beta2 I'd to force them 					  not to use it at all because they sucked so badly using it... to compensate for near
				  perfect aim bots now even have to use it with a slight spread and 1/3 damage penalty
				- Fire/chargeup sounds of PlasmaGun and ThermalProjector changed
				- Shield Limit finally extended! You can now charge your shields up to 1000%!!!
				  Seems like you can play excessive like any other game after all...
				- Desintegrator powered up, you can now do headshots for double damage. Was rather useless 					  gun before, people told me
				- BerserkMode now properly implemented on all weapons (except grenades). Desintegrator gets a
				  quicker ammo-replenish and Thermal Projector does more damage instead, since it's a 						  streaming weapon. Hint: A berserk/UDamage combination makes the TP extremely deadly
				- Combat Mortar grenade modified. Can now be used safely against enemies at close distances, 					  damage and momentum transfer is proportional the speed it is fired with.
				- Corrected error with ThermoBlasters' 3rd person muzzleflash and PlasmaGun's 							  projectile trail having wrong colors
				- Added some nifty charging emitters and charged Plasma projectile trail
				- Desintegrator grenade visuals pepped up a bit
				- ArkonWeapons mutator/weapon replacements slightly altered
				- Fixed an AI problem that caused the bots to either use ThermoBlasters or MassDriver only
				- Combat Mortar now does additional continuous damage, keeping shields down even longer
				- All weapons should interact with bProjTarget objects properly now
				- added weapons' readme descriptions to int files
				- fixed some minor priority and wrong-icon problems
				- removed leftover LighningGun 3rd person charge emitter
				- fixed a bug that caused new Fusion-Gatling Gun DoAutoSwitch to malfunction
				- Eliminated nasty bug that caused PlasmaGun charging buzz to continue being played forever 					  if you died holding a fully charged weapon
				- equipped ThermalProjector and MassDriver with spiffy new zoom graphix and effects
				- added ShakeView and subtle recoil to ThermoBlasters and PlasmaGun
				- included new pickup: Arkon PowerBooster replaces HealthPack
				  bSuperHeal +20 and less relic-like looking
				- included new pickup: Shield Charger replaces SuperShieldPack
				  respawns faster, new static mesh fits the theme
				- ArkonShields finally replicate properly and are now also visible client side

			v.02 	- included new Desintegrator- and Thermo Grenade
				- included new Mass Driver (RailGun)
				- included Arkon Weapons Replacer. Still recommend WoRM though, because of performance issues
				- included Arkon Shields Mutator
				- utx and usx files combined in first attempt to reduce number of files used
				- CMortar now fires EMP grenades, less damage but instantly nullifies all shields
				- CMortar Alt-fire camera added
				- ThermoBlaster fire tightened and damage reduced
				- bSmallWeapons bug solved. ThermoBlasters now always visible
				- CMortar charged fire instant-explosion bug solved
				- CMortar 'ComboWhore' message bug solved
				- PlasmaGun chargebar now working properly
				- PlasmaGun charged fire tweaked, maxCharge reduced to 25, but twice as fast chargeup
				- new grenade feature -> grenade held in hand explodes upon death

Construction Time:	~90 days counting...

Known bugs:	- minor: Shields can be supercharged with pickups.
		- minor: ThermoBlasters hitting right and left of crosshair center - is intentional, sorry
		- minor: ThermoGrenade and LaserBomb share weapon slot
		- minor: CMortar alt-fire projectile cam doesn't work client side
		- minor: Thermo Blasters don't have animations. Used ShakeView and recoil for now.
		  	 Waiting for UT2004 and better dual support.

		Only on client in a dedicated server game:

		- Projectiles start out too far from the weapon, something to do with increased projectile speed I suppose
		- Fusion-GatlingGun barrel roll doesn't update properly if SpinLock feature is enabled

		- minor: special MassDriver/ThermalProjector LockOn beep sounds don't play

Credits:	Kangus, EvilDrWong and Smoke39 for being very helpful in general.
		Dade, author of Codename Gatling 2003. Desintegrator uses some of his ShadowsRifle code.
		RegularX, author of the XPak mutes. Thermal Projector uses some code from the Beam Cannon.
		Kal Corp. The ArkonShields mutator is based on his VasAutoShields1.03.
		Unknown author of the MineLauncher01 mutator which inspired me to the LaserBomb.
		Smoke39, author of Pain2k3 in particular, for his Shotchaingun code finally enabled me to do the 				Fusion-Gatling Gun properly.

Arkon Shields Config Menu explained

 Regen / sec     - How many shield points regenerate each second you're not under fire

 On-Hit Timeout  - How many seconds regeneration stops once you're hit

 Shield Max      - Maximum amount shields will regenerate to. Upper limit now is 1000. Shield pickups can still rise your 		   	   level even higher, even if you enter a lower number.

Weapon Description:

**** N E W ****

Arkon Missile Launcher
 A sturdy, solid case bottom-loader that fires a 10" calibre, self propelled projectile, featuring an armor piercing high explosive warhead of considerable size that is capable of stopping small-to-medium sized armored vehicles and unleashes a devastating effect if fired at soft targets. Alternatively, by the simple press of a button, the missile's fuel tank can be fired through an additional built in magnet accellerator, resulting in a primitive but effective incendiary grenade added to the list of this very versatile weapon's features. Designed as a single-carried light support weapon, this missile launcher was meant to combat small vehicles at a very close distance that made the implementation of an advanced targeting device obsolete.

Primary   - Launch missile. Remember that missiles can be brought to explosion in mid-air by enemy fire, so handle with 		    extreme care in tight combat situations.
Secondary - Fire grenade
Damage	  - Missile:	Direct: 150 / Splash: 120
	    Grenade:	Splash: 120 / Chunks: 25

**** N E W ****

 An outdated, clumsy makeshift weapon of considerable destructive force nevertheless. A pack of three standard ground-to-ground missile fuel units, outfitted with a simple electronic lightbarrier trigger and a small charge to set off a devastating explosion the moment somthing breaks through the laser. Most useful if stuck against a wall in a doorway or tight corridor to ensure the target is within blast range. Can be easily disabled/detonated with most weapons by hitting it fom a safe distance though. The non-intelligent trigger mechanism makes it dangerous to friends and foes alike, so handle with extreme care.

Primary   - Stick it to a solid object. The mine will aktivate itself five seconds later.
Secondary - Kamikaze attack. Be a suicide bomber. Just make sure you take at least two people with you, as it'll cost you one 	    frag killing yourself.
Damage	  - Splash: 500 / Radius: 640
	    Chunks: 50 

**** N E W ****

Fusion Gatling Gun
 Rivaled in firepower only by the MassDriver, the brandnew Fusion-Gatling Gun might be your most powerful weapon to date. Using ancient technology found in derelict planetary defence cannons this miniaturized portable version is still easily capable of bringing down medium sized aircraft. It's impressive size and bulkiness can severly hinder your movement in actual combat, especially when firing, and a murderous kickback will set in because there was absolutely no room for huge gravitational stabilizers in a portable version. Since technicians also saw no way to implement a sufficient coolant reservoir without making it imposible for a single humanoid to carry, the weapon's design was instead based on outdated gatling guns, featuring a spinning set of several barrels to prevent overheating of the focus unit, which adds another severe drawback, namely a four second spin-up delay to precisely synchronize the barrel rotation with the singularity's hypertact before the gun can be used.

Primary   - Unleash a focused stream of miniature 'protosuns', born out of ultra-condensed athmospheric particles in a 	    		    controlled gravitational-rift reactor.
Secondary - Spin-lock. Keeps your barrels rotating.
Damage    - Splash: 20
	    cycling rate: ~1600/min

 The Desintegrator is a device both widely used as a weapon as well as a mining tool, focusing a flirring, greenish field that is capable of interfering with the targets cohaesive forces on a molecular level. Matter with extremely high density will sustain longer, still even the hardest stone can be rendered to ultra-fine dust in a matter of seconds. Gases principally seem unaffected, since their cohaesive forces are already very low. A living being struck by a desintegrator ray will usually dissolve and die instantly, but since most tournament combatants have undergone various degrees of biomechanical enhancement a few extra hits can never hurt...

... you, of course.

Primary   - Fire Desintegrator ray. Since the Desintegrator has a built in energy source ammo will auto-replenish, but the                power of the beam you fire is directly proportional the charging status of the weapon.
Secondary - Tactical Zoom (basic targeting syntron)
Damage	  - Direct: 12-40 / Headshots x 2

Desintegrator Grenade
 Widely known as 'Moluk Raybomb' the light type-D assault ammunition is appreciated as a versatile and powerful hand grenade. Based on the same idea as the desintegrator rifle, the desintegrator grenade incites a spontaneous breakdown of all molecular cohaesive forces in a ten feet radius, though it's effectivity quickly diminishes over distance.

Primary   - Timed Mode. Grenade bounces off walls and will explode 3 seconds after hitting a solid object.
Secondary - Proxy Mode. Grenade will detonate instantly upon hitting a solid object.
Damage    - Splash: 180 / Radius: 800

Plasma Gun
 A 'pulse driver' is based on the cold fusion principle and usually only encountered in form of an impulse drive inside a full sized starship, but recently also a number of prototype handheld weapons featuring a nuclear pulse generator have appeared. Catalytic Deuterium is used as nuclear reactive mass, the created fusion plasma is then contained and accellerated through a tubular magnetic field with gravomechanical properies. The amount of plasma per shot can be dynamically adjusted by pressing and holding down the charge-button, but is severely limited, compared to a ship-mounted device, by the technical weakness of the small containment chamber. Safety precautions prohibit charging up more than twenty-five PJ [petajoule] as this is already creating impressive and very dangerous inductory effects. Projectiles usually glow in an eerie blue and are capable of melting effortlessly through five-inch plates of solid Terkonit.

Primary   - Full auto firing. Useful against crowds.
Secondary - Hold button to charge up to 25 energy units into a single, devastating blast.
Damage    - Direct: 15 / Splash|Chargeable: 30 - 150

Thermo Blasters
 The basic carbon laser pistol issued to military and security personal all over the galaxy. Small, lightweight, dependable and at the same time dealing out damage like no other, once you got two of them...

Primary   - Fire left pistol
Secondary - Fire right pistol
Damage    - Direct: 2 x 8

You can of course press both buttons at the same time for dual-frying-action. Just watch your ammo.

Thermal Projector
 The CNC or, scientifically correct, 'Constant-Rip Needlepoint Cannon', is combining two completely different physical principles into an entirely new weapon: an ordinary high-power infrared carbon laser is fired through a tubular energy field with hyperphysical characteristics, that completely prevents the beam to suffer any losses, be it optical or thermical diasperation. Not only is it possible this way to keep the beam focused even over long distances, but the surrounding air also wont heat up.

Primary   - Keep the laser focused on your foes. Brief contact will lead to a serious sunburn... longer contact will first                vaporize the water inside the target, then set the flesh on fire. Finally only a skeleton will be left.
Secondary - Tactical Zoom (advanced targeting syntron)
Damage    - Streaming: 8 (approx. 40/sec) / Headshots x 1.5

Thermo Grenade
 From a technical point of view the desintegrator grenade might be cleaner, more aestaethic and a helluva' lot safer to handle, but there's no point in being hypocritical if being atomized in a desintegrator field or vaporized in a controlled sub-nuclear heat wave is more humane. And holding the power of a miniature sun in your hand feels extermely satisfying.

Primary   - Timed Mode. Grenade bounces off walls and will explode 3 seconds after hitting a solid object.
Secondary - Proxy Mode. Grenade will detonate instantly upon hitting a solid object.
Damage    - Splash: 40-400 / Radius: max.1500

Combat Mortar
 Latest development in the heavy-assault gear department. The mortar grenade will upon impact discharge a highly energetic field that is both lethal and at the same time has the extraordinary ability to short out most known shielding devices by disrupting the base projector matrix. This will cause uncontrollable and dangerous fluctuations in the shield's power supply and will take at least a few seconds time for the victim to re-initialize the matrix. If fired at at soft target closer than ten feet though, at the speed it is fired with the grenade is likely to actually penetrate the victim's defences and after a check-back via the built in distance tracer will then unleash all the stored power into this target exclusively instead of emitting it in all directions. Combined with the considerable kinetic force the projectile holds, the Combat Mortar indeed makes also for a quite formidable close combat weapon, an added bonus implemented after many complaints from combatants frequently frying their own shields in close quarters. Though firing against solid objects like concrete or steel will still result in explosion (on demand of Department for Natural Selection).

Primary   - Fire tactical neutron grenade. Hold down fire button to charge up power for added grenade speed, resulting 	    in it travelling greater distances and doing more damage in close combat.
Secondary - Same as primary, but a projectile mounted camera will be activated during flight. See the world through the eyes              of a Flak shell for once.
Damage    - Splash: 40 / Continuous: 5x5 in 15 sec - shields are completely down during this period
	    Short Distance: 50-150 | depends from grenade speed/charging status

Mass Driver (aka RailGun)

 The Kappa labs - Mark II infantry carried mass driver represents the pinnacle of terran weapons technology. This state of the art magnetic mass-accellerator weapon fires an ultra cooled Terkonit cylinder projectile at some three digit multiplier the speed of sound, which allows passing through most solid objects with ease. Even the most advanced shielding technologies are hardly able to resist such a tremendous kinetic energy and will most likely only slow it down to the point a conventional armor might stand a chance, even then, victims are usually hurt considerably and thrown back great distances. Headshots are always lethal though, no questions asked. Unfortunately the reloading process is very complicated and the projectile size makes carrying bigger amounts of ammunition cumbersome. Every new projectile has to be applied manually and it takes two or three seconds to prepare a new round, so make sure you really hit what you aimed at.

Primary   - Fire supersonic, armor breaking Terkonit projectile
Secondary - Tactical zoom (advanced targeting syntron)
Damage    - Direct: 100-150 / Headshots x 3


[special, experimental dual versions of the Desintegrator, PlasmaGun, Arkon Missile Launcher and MassDriver are also included, they don't work in multiplayer though, and you need a weapon replacer like WoRM or SwitchArsenal to use them.]


This Mod is copyrighted by PhCDonat, 2003.
Authors might use this as a base to build additional code or convert it to other gametypes, mentioning of my name and notification would be appreciated though, as I'm a passionate, self centered egomaniac.

You are allowed to commercially exploit this Mod, i.e. put it on a CD or any other electronic medium that is sold for money only with an adequate share of the exploits transferred to my bank account... which I doubt to be significantly more than the Austrian transfer taxes anyway.

You MAY distribute this Mod through any electronic network (internet, FIDO, local BBS etc.), provided you include this file and leave the archive intact.

UNREAL (c)1998 Epic Megagames, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.  Distributed by GT Software, Inc. under license.  UNREAL and the UNREAL logo are registered trademarks of Epic Megagames, Inc. All other trademarks and trade names are properties of their respective owners.

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