The other side of the coin from the Saddam skinit's John Ashcroft.



John Ashcroft Skin for Unreal Tournament 2003 - By Patach


Sick and tired of the Anti-American thing called "thinking for yourself", John Ashcroft,
Attorney General, prepares for the UT arena and this time 
he's gonna get "Information Aware" on your ass!  After the total flop of 
the Bush-backed surveillance program: "Operation Tips", he's been having a grudge against
some of that Liberal scum!  But this will censor their messages of evil for sure!!!

In his words:

"Once I own all of you with my Mad Skillz, the first thing on my list is to cover
those vile skimpy clothed women in UT!  Diva and Cleopatra are both getting some $10,000 curtains!
And to help protect the UT servers, I'll bring my 'Operation Tips' and 'Information
Awareness Office' right down with my redeemer in a local game near you.  Anybody who
disagrees with me will be detained.  God bless."


I can't believe nobody thought of this before... John Ashcroft, Attorney General, kicking
your ass across all deathmatch maps because you were checking out all that naughty
unpatriotic porn!

Let this be known that this is the 2nd skin I've ever done for a game (that looked decent),
he's got "surveillance eyes" everywhere, a "Cyber Bush" on his stomach and the "Total
Information Awareness" tag on his chest.  Not to mention the assortment of Illuminati

I think he's scarier than gorge, and twice as ferocious.  

If people aren't aware, I am doing occasional political skins for UT2003, look for
my Saddam Hussein, which was the first. 


To play John Ashcroft:

put the upl file into the system folder, and the utx in the texture, the game itself
will detect JOHN ASHCROFT after that.



Adult Oriented Comic:


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