Futuristic medic with sex appeal! Whoh mama, What a model!


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Futuristic medic with sex appeal! Whoh mama, What a model!

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Rigged by Krispy

Default Skin by Cheshire

Flora Skin by Dennis "Kirin" Ramos

Florence Skin by Gizmo

Packaged by Dennis "Kirin" Ramos

Installation: Just double clicky the Ut2mod File. Must have the v2166 UT2k3 Patch or newer.

NOTE TO BETA USERS! If you have the Beta version of Beatrice please delete the old files then start UT2oo3 and select a default character as UT2 has the tendency to not update the UKX if you dont. Then exit UT2 and Install Beatrice.


Big Ol' XOXOXOXO's and thanks to:

Well I must thank a hell of alot of people on this model. Shes been in the works forever and is finally finished with alot of help from the community so. Big thanks to Krisy for not only Riggin and Animating her (his anims are pretty much all the good ones) but for a lot of technical help and teaching me tons of great stuff incuding CS rigg and Animation. Also a big HOORAY to KMan for his excellent Unwrap of the model. This is the second Unwrap he's done for me and I really like the way this one turned out. Kman, I got this whole Unwrap thing done now. ;) Kirin for Packageing everything all nice and neatly and of course for his skin Flora. And to Gizmo for his Florence skin which I think turned out nicely. And of course to the Polycount community, both at the messageboards and in MD. Also a big Whoopidy Doo to the DE guys! Thanks for all the help. I hope that covers it. :)
Concept of Beatrice:

Well Beatrice is basically my Idea of a Team Based Mod set in the future. As you can probably tell she represents the Medic (which is my favorite class), and I am pretty pleased with how she turned out. 

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