Bone Breaker

This is a really freaky robot skin.


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This is a really freaky robot skin.

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Skin BONEBREAKER by Vandella (Gloria Baltes, Germany)

Ok.... the third one, I knew it, would be a robot :) So I grabbed my pencil and 
tried to give the robot a new skin... Where I've got the ideas from? Oh, just looked
too much Alien- and SciFi- films for years. How did I do it? U Paint, what else...
Even as the program started getting errors... but definitely I wanted to say: I believe, 
there are not enough robot skins out there. Be honest: How to play a good space map (like 
they are released in masses) without a robot? 
No, ah... forget it.
Thanks for downloading this one and reading my story... perhaps it was just a test
.... *lol*


Installation Instructions

The installation instructions are still the same...

1) put the Bonebreaker.upl file in your UT2003/system folder

2) put the Bonebreaker.utx file in your UT2003/textures folder

3) You want to have the bio of Bonebreaker ? Very good. Because I got the idea a few 
   minutes ago while reading in my bed. To get this product of my fantasy, just copy 
   the line below into your file in your UT2003/system folder (open with notepad or editor or how you call this program...) 

Bonebreaker="Name:  Bonebreaker|Age:   not available|Race:  Artificial Intelligence|Series:   EMA-4-361||Data:|This robot belonged to a completely new race of robots built in the EMA- laboratory. The new series of Artificial Intelligence should be used to replace humans in work positions in outer space. Bonebreaker was barkeeper on the third moon, but this series of robots is due to a time bomb. Bonebreaker just got insane, broke the neck of his boss, grabbed a shotgun and in his killing spree, shot 52 people sitting in the pub. Liandri got interested and quickly saved the A.I. from the junkyard.||"

To all the people who really made it to read until now (thanks, I didn't write it in vain),
please write to my E-Mail adress [email protected] for any questions or constructive 
criticism. And for all you voice- pack- makers out there: Why don't you write a really
good voice pack for robots? For the german version specially is (involuntarily, I hope)
rather ridiculous.... 

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