Looks like a swat or policeman dude. Put some authority into UT2003.


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Looks like a swat or policeman dude. Put some authority into UT2003.

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BoTTrojan Player Model for Unreal Tournament 2003

Ported to UT2003 by


Unzip the following files to your UT2003 dir:


To get the bio text when you select the character in-game, you
have to add this line to the bottom of the file in
your /system folder.

(It will work without it though if you dont want to mess :)

MercMaleBoTTrojan=&quot;Name:  Trojan|Age:   31|Race:   Human|Email:||Data:|Brotherhood of Templar's presents one of the most famous warriors of planet earth.||In this dangerous profession he is specially trained in the arts of armed combat and battlefield strategy.||Almost everyone who gets to know him has a healthy respect of his discipline, loyalty and experience that makes him to a born leader.||His unbelievable reflexes, reactions, weapon handling and the skill to use them effectively are what seperate the good from the bad, the living from the dead and the winner from the looser.||All in all - he is one of those who goes in first and comes out last on the tournament battlefields.||''Are you ready to face me in an arena filled with thousands of screaming fans?''||&quot;

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