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Face was one of my favourite maps from UT and now UT2003 and im glad they have brought it to BR. The game play and team play on this map is...


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Face was one of my favourite maps from UT and now UT2003 and im glad they have brought it to BR. The game play and team play on this map is awsom I found it so cool. The pick ups where quite easy to find as well :). I found that a lot of campers play on this map lol with both NW and instagib rifle. All in all this is a very very good map. I recommend to ALL! :D


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Unreal Tournament 2003 Map


Title                       : Facing Worlds 2003
Version                     : 1.0 FINAL
Release Date                : 03-26-2003
Filename                    : BR-Face2003[FuT].ut2

Remake UT2003 Mapper	    : Teddie "teddabod" Tapawan
Original UT1 Mapper	    : Cedric "Inoxx" Fiorentino

Music			    : CTF-Face's original UT1 music "ForeGone" (composed by Michiel
			    van den Bos) was used for this map. Mix phattened slightly by
			    Teddie Tapawan (a.k.a. Smart Apple).

Website			    :
Other Website(s)	    :,
Description                 : The seven-year asteroid belt has formed around Earth's upper
			    atmosphere once again.  Like a swarm of bloated locusts they swirl
			    high above. This has caused the Earth Government Council (EGC) to
			    order evacuation of all Earth populants to neighboring non-hostile
			    planets and their moons due to the possibility of one or more of the
			    asteroids plummeting to the Earth. Therefore, the Tournament
			    Commission has hastily moved the Tournament competitors to an
			    uncharted "island-asteroid". It is believed that this floating mass
			    was once an intergalactic meeting ground for nomadic religious sects
			    because of the strange monastery-style towers at each end. This
			    island-asteroid and its two towers have proven to be a perfect
			    setting for Tournament Bombing Run matches. So face your enemy and
			    let the games begin!

Where to send comments	    :


Play Information

Game                        : Unreal Tournament 2003
Level Name                  : Facing Worlds 2003

Game Type                   : Bombing Run
Bot Support		    : yes
Multiplayer                 : yes
Custom Textures             : yes
Custom Static Meshes	    : yes
Custom Music		    : yes
Custom Sounds		    : yes


Editors used	            : UnrealEd 3, Adobe Photoshop 6.0, MS PhotoDraw V2, LightWave
			    Modeler 7, LightWave 3D 7, UVMapper, Poser 4 Pro, Cool Edit Pro,
			    ACID Pro 3, ModPlug Tracker 



Unzip the file BR-Face2003[FuT].zip.

  BR-Face2003[FuT].ut2      : the Map file -- this goes in the Maps directory of your UT2003

  CTF-Face2003[FuT].ogg     : the music file. -- this goes in the Music directory of your
			    UT2003 installation.

  BR-Face2003[FuT].txt      : this text file you're reading.

  BR-Face[FuT]2003.jpg      : a screen shot of the map -- Not needed. It's for webmasters.

To play the map choose BR-Face2003[FuT] from the Bombing Run Mode Menu of UT2003 after you
install the file(s).


Special Thanks

Thanks to Cedric "Inoxx" Fiorentino, the creator of the original CTF-Face.

Thanks to the folks at the INA forums who requested a BR version of this map.

Thanks to all the folks who play and support my maps. Makes me happy to make you happy.



DO NOT modify this map or its associated files in any way.


UNREAL (c)1998 Epic Megagames, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Distributed by GT Software, Inc. under
license. UNREAL and the UNREAL logo are registered trademarks of Epic Megagames, Inc. All other
trademarks and trade names are properties of their respective owners.

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