Whether you're a football fan or not (I'm not), you should give this map a run. This map is all about fast paced, fragtastic, bombing run fu...


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Whether you're a football fan or not (I'm not), you should give this map a run. This map is all about fast paced, fragtastic, bombing run fun. Say that ten times. The textures are nothing special, but again, this map should not be judged on a technical aspect. Even so, the author did a nice job with locker rooms, a boiler room, and two ways to score. Run the ball to the end-zone for the big score, or go for the Hail Mary pass through the goal posts. Just don't get spattered after the throw, or you lose.(The upcoming patch should address this) Get some friends, grab some pretzels, (and drink of choice ;-), and get your thang on. "He's at the 20, the 10, TOUCHDOWN!"


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Map Name: BR-Football.ut2
Type: Bombing Run
Author: Danimel (imeL007)
Author E-mail: [email protected]
Author Website:
My Host:
Map make time: Roughly 3 weeks of building and testing

I recommend you put this map on your servers, it truley is an awesome FUN map to play in any mode, low grav, instagib as well.  I did my best to make this a quality, balanced map for the community to enjoy for years on end.  I hope you like it! :)

Map Info
Basic Description: A bombing run map on a football field.  There are 2 scoring possibilities.  You can shoot through the field goal or attempt "to-go-all-the-way" to get a touchdown.  The touchdown is more difficult explaining why it gives 7 points and the field goal only 3.

Recommended Players: 6-16

Special Features: Rain, lightning, locker (spawn) rooms, first bombing run map with 2 goals to score for each team, alternate paths of scoring (along the sides through the air conditioning rooms), ion sattelite, the roaring crowd... did I mention badass lightning?

Bot Support: Pretty good.  The bots tend to shoot field goals very accurately but don't go for the touchdowns much.  They're like the Cardinals.

Who are the teams?:  Red and Blue.  I chose the Patriots to represent blue and the Cardinals to represent red, mainly because I live in Arizona (Cardinals) and the Pats won the 2002 Super Bowl.

Map Quirks: The big adrenaline packets give more adrenaline, like 25.  But there aren't that many.  The super ion cannon painters are kinda hidden, but pretty easy to find.  The lightning is for looks, sorry it does not kill you. (It doesn't hit the ground that much anyways)

Performance: Even with rain, with 10 players my friend with a 1ghz computer with a 32 meg geforce 2 was getting 15-20 fps at the least.  So its performance is a little better than regular Unreal Tournament 2k3 maps.


1) Try it with shield guns only (under arena weapons mutator, shield guns), it definitely gives a new dimension of play to the map :)

2) This level is pretty fun with insta-gib.

3) Practice shooting the field goal by yourself, its harder than it looks.

4) Shooting the ball into the crowd RESETS IT.  Also, you cannot get into the crowd.  I dare you to try. :)

4) There is a secret, but its very hard to find. Good luck!

Special Thanks To
Hunter56k for giving me some great ideas for, and playtesting, the map -- and hosting my site!
-Pikachu (J Redman) and Iceman (J Redman)-(<--Twins) for playtesting the map.
The community, for great ideas and support.

Known bugs
1) The field is 50 yards total, like arena football. I know this =P I did this because the 1028x1028 texture was too small to get a good looking 100 yard field in.  Also the shorter field makes it much more fun.

2) It has no map description.  That requires a separate file, and im not doing that.  It does have a pic - though its low res.

If you have any questions, concerns, complaints please e-mail me at [email protected] I will be happy to answer!

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