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This map joins a small but growing trend in BR maps. No mirror images. A series of interconnecting valleys joins two team bases, a third b...


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This map joins a small but growing trend in BR maps. No mirror images. A series of interconnecting valleys joins two team bases, a third ball spawn base, as well as two team spawn areas. I love the idea of a map that is not just "mirrored" over to make a CTF or BR, but sometimes this can really hurt the balance. There are teleporters spread over the map to make up for this, but while the red base is a good distance from anything, the blue base is spitting distance from both the red spawn area and the ball spawn area. Bot pathing is far from complete. I could not get them to score on any difficulty level, and they only take one route to the base. The map looks good, but I found that it looks even better with the fog gone, as this really brings out the lighting effects. Sadly, disabling fog will cause a drop in frame rates. This is a great map, and I wanted to love it more than I did, but some small areas may need just a bit of improvement. A great effort overall, but your view of it may depend on whether you plan on runnig this by yourself, or if you can find it on a server.


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Bombing Run for Unreal Tournament 2003

(C)2002 Excelsiore

Title                   	: No Contest
Map type			: Bombing Run 8-24
Build				: Final
Test Builds			: Several
Date                    	: October 23, 2002
Filename                	: BR-NoContest.ut2
botsupport			: yes

Author                  	: Excelsiore
Email Address           	:
Home Page               	:

Mapping/Layout		: Excelsiore
Mapping/Lightning		: Excelsiore
Design				: Excelsiore
Additional Ideas/Remarks  : Wildheart
Main Gameplay Testing	: Excelsiore, Wildheart

* Installation *

BR-NoContest.ut2 goes in /UT2003/Maps

* About *

The planet Archobia. Possible orgin planet of the Anubis cult. Several temples
dot the harsh arid landscape. The Liandri Corporation have decided it was a good
place to set up shop. Not only are the deep caverns and dark ravines perfect for 
mining Adamantium ore, they also provide the perfect proving ground for the spectacle
know as Bombing Run. But don't worry, it's "No Contest" really. There are no winners,
only losers! And they're dead.  

A terrain bombing run map with a bit of a twist. First of all it is NOT mirrored. There 
are 3 paths to the blue base, but only 2 to the redbase. Also the teams do NOT spawn 
at they're respective bases. Instead they spawn away from them. To help balance this
"remote spawning" there are teleporters "near" the spawns that take you "close" to the 
respective bases. There are also teleporters near the bases that take you to the roof 
of each base where you'll find different types of sniper paraphernalia(which means you
do NOT need a translocator to be an effective player). 

Personally I find it easier to be on blue(at least against the bots) even though there 
are only 2 paths for blue to attack from.


1) Remember that you CAN bring the ball with you through teleporters. 

2) Also, the ball WILL reset if you shoot it below the goals into the lava.
(Thanks to CreepingDeath for helping me with this).  

Thanks to EPIC and DE for a great game. 

Feedback is greatly appreciated:

* Weapons / Items *

Spawnpoints        : 24 

Known Bugs		: The bots have a hard time scoring or finding the goal. They're better at defending than attacking.

* Copyright / Permissions / Mumbo Jumbo *
Copyright (c) 2002 Excelsiore.  All rights reserved.
This level may be electronically distributed only at no charge to
the recipient, and may not be modified in any way.  This text file
must be included with the level.
This level may not be distributed on any CD-ROM without the prior,
explicit consent of Excelsiore.
You may run this level on your server as long as no money is charged to players
for playing on your server.


site  :
email :
Special Thanx		: To Epic, thanks for a cool game.

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