Bombing run in a junk pit, not a bad idea! Nice simple layout, back and forth and very furious, check it out! Keep an eye on this map for...


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Bombing run in a junk pit, not a bad idea! Nice simple layout, back and forth and very furious, check it out! Keep an eye on this map for later releases where some modifications, music, and some new stuff to come along.

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BR-RemnantBeta2 README
by Knives (Jonathan Dantzler)

Map Statistics
Game Type: Bombing Run
RW Support: not yet, but there WILL be support for it in the next version
Bot Pathing: yes
New textures: no
New graphics: no
New sounds or music: not yet, but version 2 will include a song
Speed: pretty fast considering the fact that the meshes are extremely complex. At average
detail settings I got around 70-90 fps constant on a laptop with this configuration: 256 MB
DDR, 2.0 ghz P4 Mobile, Radeon 7500 32 MB.

Construction Statistics
Editors Used: UnrealEd3
Construction Time: 1 week
Known bugs: no...


HOW TO INSTALL: Place the file BR-RemnantBeta2.ut2 in your UT2003 Maps folder.

Runadea was once a bustling center of life. Due to an accident with an army of bioengineered
clones, however, the once thriving city is now a wasteland of emptiness. The only sign of
life now is the crackle of the fires that try desperately to bring warmth to a cold and
desolate grave.

This is my third released map for UT2003, and I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I did 
making it! I drew inspiration from two other maps: BR-FragballStadium and DM-Rustatorium.
This map is not built on either one, however: it is a completely original work.

To get the fire in the barrels in the bases to show up, your world detail must be set on

Special Thanks
-MastaChief|DRD| once again, for some feedback and pointing out some errors to me

-Madmansk|DRD| who shared his mapping knowledge with me and helped me fix a severe error in the skybox in the original beta

-The Architectonic for its great tutorial on skyboxes

-Cliffy B and everone at Epic Games for the awesome UnrealEd3 and for making a sweet game

Other Maps by Me

These maps are available at UT2003Files, UT2003HQ, and FileFront. Mechadome is also available at

Copyright Info
Do not use this level as a base for your own level without my permission. You may include this
map in map packs and distribute it freely, as long as this file (and preferrably, knives seal
.bmp) are included, and I am given credit. This map may not be commercially distributed 
without my permission.

This level and the Knives seal (C)2003 Jonathan Dantzler.

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