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I love to see mappers use weather effects. It can add so much to an otherwise mundane effort. This, however, is far from a mundane effort!...


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I love to see mappers use weather effects. It can add so much to an otherwise mundane effort. This, however, is far from a mundane effort! A large, snowbound bowl makes up this all outdoor level. There is a lake, but not only is it frozen over, it also gives the feeling of the water level being a bit low. Rocks poke up from the surface of the ice, and bridges span between outcroppings. What can I say, this map lives up to it's title. The goals are nicely set up because you have to work to get at them. I like to see a more of a challenge than just "run-up and jump on in". With all of the "Rough Terrain" and a difficult goal, I really expected bots to have a hell of a time. Not so, as bots not only do very well, but will offer a damn good match on many levels. Weapons are nicely spread out, and both super weapons (or crowd pleasers, as I like to call them : ) are here for your pleasure. Ok, enough of giving the author a swelled head. Frame rates could be better, but with the size and weather, I can't complain too much. I would love to have slippery ice, and I would be really impressed if some of the bots fell on their posterior, butt let's be realistic. For most parts of the level, the moon provides the only lighting, and in some places the shadows don't line up quite right with the light source. That's about it. Overall, The Crow has put fourth an outstanding map. Download it, I am sure you will agree. ~rAzOr~

There is also a CTF version available here.

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-----Creator Information-----

Author:- S. D. Tolan
AKA:- The-Crow[DOJ]
Web Site:-

-----Map Information-----

Map Name:- RoughTerrian - Final Release (name mispelled on purpose) :o)=
Map Type:- Unreal Tournament 2003
Map Mode:- BR - conversion of the CTF version of my map
Recommended Player Count:- 10 to 20
Weapons:- All except plasma-gun
Bot Support:- Of course
Bugs:- None Found
New Textures:- Yes
New Meshes:- No
New Music:- No
New Sounds:- No
Script Changes:- No
Date Started:- 10/19/02
Date Finished:- 10/24/02

-----Programs Used-----

Texture Manipulation:- Paint Shop Pro V 7.0
Map Creation:- Ued V 3.0
Mesh Creation:- N/A
Sound Creation:- N/A
Music Creation:- N/A

-----Bug Reports-----

E-mail bugs to:-
Web Site reporting:- Report bugs in the forum under the UT2003 Creations Forum please.
Revision Requests:- Use same contact methods as bug reporting please.


UTX Extension:- Extract into you're textures folder
UT2 Extension:- Extract into you're maps folder

-----General Information-----

This map was my first real attempt at using the new Unreal editor. I've made 7 or 8 UT maps but this
one is probably the best ever. I tried to make it so the framerate would not suffer as we know it can
with the original UT2003 maps. So, this means I couldn't go crazy as I would have liked to with the
lighting, snow flake count, and some other eye-candy. But I tried to make up for this by making it a 
fun, balanced, and less then easy of a map to play in. I hope you like it. 

-----Updates To This Map-----

I used most of the suggestions that were posted by the nice folks on the UT2003 Forum boards. Thanks again all!
A) Lighting has been improved
B) Bot pathing has been improved
C) Weapons spread out now
D) Ammo total available reduced and more spread out
E) Trees now have reduced collision properties
D) Made snowflakes appear windblown
E) Moved Ion Painter to opposite side of deemer teleporter
F) Removed Deemer cage idea and added a cavern, still uses teleporters
G) Fixed some of the terrain issues where you could fall into steep holes and get stuck
H) Reduced the difficulty of the terrain on the "desired" route to the bases

I think that's it.


S. Tolan,  AKA The-Crow[DOJ]

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