BR-Sand Rock



This is a large BR map, with a bit of a plot behind it. The author did a great job setting the scene for a superb map. While most of the action takes place outside, both bases are well designed, as well as being different from each other. No mirror images here, the red and blue bases are both constructed differently, as well as the surrounding valleys. The only problem with this is that the red team will have to suicide to get the big score, while the blue team can get seven points and walk away from it. With dugout trenches, high tower lookouts, and power-up's galore, this one is a blast to play. Be forewarned, this is a BIG map, and some systems may get a drop in FPS. rAzOr

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 --=== Lacuna Sandrocks ===--

 An excavation site of the Temple of Lacuna. This dig site is used to put tournament trainees through rigorous manual labor of excavating the landscape, to prepare them for the physical endurement the tournament requires. Now, the site acts as a battlefield for the ancients seeking to protect their anscestors treasure and the trainee rebels seeking to poach them.

Created by:  David Spalinski (Guy_Incognito)

Email me if you have any questions or concerns: [email protected]

Place BR-Sandrock.ut2 into your UT2003 maps directory, then load the map up. Thats it!

Special Thanks to playtesters:

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