This is a great skin pack, worth the download. So many pretty colors... I can't choose my favorite... I bet they're fruit flavored too


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This is a great skin pack, worth the download. So many pretty colors... I can't choose my favorite... I bet they're fruit flavored too...

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    Brazen Skin - Unreal Tournament 2003


Release Date: October 11th 2003

Author: Jerome 'Loric' Diard

Email: [email protected]

Version: 1.0

Number of Body Skins: 6, no less.
Team Colors Support : Yes.
Number of Faces     : 6

Made from scratch.


V1.0 : First release.


Double click on the Umod file to install.
In case this doesn't work (because file association is messed up), drag and drop the Umod on the Setup.exe 
icon in your UT2003/System folder.
The .utx, .upl will be included in their destination folders.
The bio should be copied to the file. In case it doesn't work, please copy manually 
the lines below into UT2003/System/

Brazen=Name:  Brazen|Age:   N/A|Race:  Artificial Lifeform||Data:| Ex-Field General Brazen was once the leader of the Empire's 23rd mechanized batallion.| He was discharged after his superiors were fed up with his constantly ignoring their orders.
Oxyde=Name:  Oxyde|Age:   N/A|Race:  Artificial Lifeform||Data:| Oxyde mark 2 series was designed by the imperial fleet as the main foot soldier for the mass invasion of the red moon of Altuna.| The operation ended being a massive failure and only a few of this type remain.
Nytro=Name:  Nytro|Age:   N/A|Race:  Artificial Lifeform||Data:| This aquatic version of the Oxyde mark 2 allowed the imperial fleet to launch a large offensive against Rebellion's ship.| These nasty devices were named after the explosives they carry in order to sink enemy vessels. 
Freon=Name:  Freon|Age:   N/A|Race:  Artificial Lifeform||Data:| Hot damp jungles are rough battle environments and machines were too often flawed with overheating in those extreme conditions.| Thanks to its overpowered cooling system, the Freon model ensure a complete reliability for external temperatures ranging from -30°C to +120°C.|| Comes up with a full lifetime warranty.
Radon=Name:  Radon|Age:   N/A|Race:  Artificial Lifeform||Data:| The development of the Radon version was well under way when it was stopped due to budget cuts.| Spare parts from this line were gathered by a few project members who finished constructing this prototype on their leisure time.
Drax=Name:  Drax|Age:   N/A|Race:  Artificial Lifeform||Data:| Drax is the latest experimental version from the imperial factories.| Its structure and power core have been refined so as to endure the most stressing combat environments.

This ReadMe file will be copied to the UT2003/Help folder.


This Umod installs the .u file for skin pushing in the System directory. But its addition to your server packages is 
your decision, so I haven't made it automatic.
If you want this skin to be on your server and push it to players who don't have it, edit your UT2003.ini file 
and add the lines below in the [Engine.GameEngine] section


This archive can be distributed freely, without any alteration whatsoever.
The author reserves any right to edit further versions of this skin.
Any commercial use of this archive is prohibited.
Authors may NOT use these skins as bases to build skins without explicit permission of the author.

Please visit my UT2003 page at :

Drop me a mail at :

  [email protected]

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