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Caedes Skaarj Skin - Unreal Tournament 2004


Release Date: April 12th 2004

Author: oldmanfunk

Email: [email protected]

Version: 1.0

Number of Body Skins: 1
Team Support : Yes
Number of Faces : 1

This is a new skin for the Skaarj team. It is mostly inspired by the Unreal 2 Skaarj, with a few touch ups made to the original texture (eg: the wrist blades now look sharper and are the proper shape).
Double click on the 'Unreal 2 Skaarj Skin' Umod file to install.
FOr bot support,please copy the line below into UT2004/System/

SkaarjEA="Name:  Caedes|Age:   Unknown|Race:  Skaarj||Data:|Caedes comes from a long line of Skaarj warriors, most of his ancestors were killed in the Human-Skaarj war. He had been made to train for combat from an early age, making him a deadly opponent in almost all forms of combat.||"

This ReadMe file will be copied to the UT2004/Help folder.

This archive can be distributed freely, without any alteration whatsoever.
The author reserves any right to edit further versions of this skin.
Any commercial use of this archive is prohibited.
Authors may NOT use these skins as bases to build skins without explicit permission of the author.

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