Chaos UT2 2.00 to 2.01 PATCH (ZIP)



PRv2.0 to 2.01 changelog

* Changed Version number * Added the telefrag fix for melee * Fixed issue with Listen Server not letting you save your weapon settings * Tweaked melee weapons to avoid headshots during the start/end of the swing * Tweaked the Inv Proxies * Fixed the blood trails that were coming out of the weapons * Made the damage that the weapons do cause more blood for the sharp weapons (Ie not hammer/mace) * Tweaked melees so they don't hurt the first few stages of the swing (they need to build momentum) * Remove the Ability for one pawn to gib another in Duel * Yet another tweak to the proxy inv rules to fix two players controlling one proxy * Reduced power of Kick in Duel Melee only ( to 1/4 stregth ) * Removed ref to trail class in the ChaosDeathWeapon to avoid AN * changed MeleeSword(Instigator.Weapon) ref to MeleeSword(Weapon) on the firemodes to increase compatiblity * Moved the check for 3rd out of the PC and into the weapon as I noticed when your got placed in 1st mode you also always had the sword which tells me its network related, thus moved the 3rd checks into the weapons which you have regaurdless * Fixed the issue were the proxy hud was shown while you were specatating a proxy * Fixed issue with GBRP (GravBeltRandomPickup) Not respawning * Fixed AN in ChaosGames.ChaosMeleeWeapon.Tick * fixed Typo in the exp expo and napalm nades * Fixed issues with Duel letting you start a round with only one player * Fixed issues with Duel adding bots * Added new idle animations * Fixed typo in RandomGravbeltRadom Respawn time * Added random bot engagment counter * Fixed screwup in Duel were the MinNetPlayers were set to 2 not allowing a bot to join to start a match * Fixed it so you were not stuck in 3rd person mode in mappers choice when you had a non-melee weapon * Fixed exploit so if you get hit your melee weapon attachment stops looking for hits * Removed some AN in Gravbelt Tick on Clients * Limited Duel Round limits to be no more than 360 seconds * Add server debug logging * Used Mel's move of moving bHindView to SpecialCalcView * Removed a MinNetPlayers=2 in Duel * Removed Tick in ChaosMeleeWeapon that was forcing behind view * Changed Duel AI Tab to have Duel Round time in SECONDS * Fix in for Duel not loading up proper defaults on a fresh install * Adjusted 'x Proxies Left' position on Proxy HUD. Proxies don't see through walls. * Placed more checks to ensure correct BehindView mode on weapons. * Added extra checks for stray attachments that aren't being removed. * Removed PutDown from Duel state changes. * Fixed issues with the Claw2 not playing the correct firing sound (on-line issue only) * Allow random gravbelt in melee game(mut) * Color Stance-O-Meter in melee and mapper modes. * Tweaked the duck-jump so you must 'rest' for 1.5 seconds between each attempt at it * Fixed issues with the altNeedleproj staying around during the wait between duel rounds * Fixed issue with the RandomGravbelt spawning in a sleeping state

Players of Duel take note! There have been changes in v2.01!

Round Time is now set in Seconds! Not minutes. If you put a '2' in there, you will get 2 second rounds! In addition, max Round Time is now 360 seconds.

Also, there are some gameplay improvements in this patch! No longer will you get headshots with the start and/or finish of your swing. Or even do much damage for that matter, you now must 'build momentum' in your swing.

And when playing melee Duel, with the Chaos mutator running, the power of the kick has been greatly reduced, to promote more in-your-face action.

We have also added a forced 'rest' inbetween forward-lunge maneuvers, to prevent the rapid 'bunny-hopping' around the maps. And no longer will you see the telefrag bug in melee fighting, it has been killed.


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