Chaos Zark Sniper Rifle

Ok, first of all, the readme is really bad at explaining how to install this mod, secondly this mod is awesome! :D It replaces the Electric...


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Ok, first of all, the readme is really bad at explaining how to install this mod, secondly this mod is awesome! :D It replaces the Electric sniper rifle with one similar to the original UT version, and it is rapid fire, which makes a change from the annoying recharge of the stardard sniper rifle. One bad thing apart from the abysmal readme, is that when you walk over the rifle, you dont hear a sound that tells you you have picked it up. It's only a little problem but it's there. A nice little feature is the infamous 'sniper dot' - a little red dot appears wherever you aim the rifle. I'm not sure i like the whit box around the dot in terms of design, but it is still extremely effective. Now, my favourite part of the weapon - The Scope. It looks really realistic and extremely professional. It has scratch marks around the edges, which look very neat but don't block your vision. The targeting recticle is accurate, and theres this little message that comes up on it, telling you about reloads, and ready to fire status. Theres also a distance meter, which doesn't move but adds to the effect of the weapon. From the outside, this weapon looks very good as well. Just like a sniper rifle with a hi-tech scope should :) Detailed, Professional, Awesome, and most importantly, fun to play with. Amazing mod ;) One last thing, credit goes to the original makers of this mod, and to all the people who have helped its development - If you ever bring us an update, fix the picking up sound and provide a better readme! (For anyone wondering, its bad because for anyone who doesnt understand the different folders e.t.c, they have no idea where to put the multiple files) :D

~Szico VII~

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Chaos Zark Rifle:

Modified version of the sniper rifle from the Chaos UT2 Mod by {FzS}Fender.  Many thanks to the Chaos crew , especially Jb for allowing me to do this. 

For anyone that doesn't know what a Zark rifle is...  It's basically an automatic sniper rifle that has become  popular with the online gamers.  It 
originated in the first installment of Unreal Tournamnent and was originally coded by Chris "Zark"  Houghton.  Zark has since made the leap to UT2003 in 
rifles that have taken various forms due to the unfortunate case that the new game doesn't supply a decent sniper rifle.  Lightning gun.....blehh!! 

This particular rifle, thanks to the team at Chaos, has features that no other Zark rifle has had.  These include a Laser Sighted scope, a Range finder and a realistic 
time delay to account for distance the bullet must travel.  All this with a great model to boot.  

To install:

//I would have supplied a ut2mod for easier installation, but there is a major bug with them that causes errors when attempting to install.  There is a fix 
available, but it's just not practical IMHO to bother with it.

Each file is located in the folder it belongs.  Simply copy from the file from the folder and place it in the folder in your UT2003 directory of the same 
name.  In other words.  If you copy file 'ChaosZark.u' from the system folder.  Place 'ChaosZark.u' in the system folder withing your UT2003 directory.  

After this is done, fire up your game and look for "Chaos Zark Rifle" in your mutator list.  It also works if you want to use it in "Arena". Select one of
these and go to town. 

Any questions or comments can be emailed to me at [email protected]

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