Clear a.k.a. Stealthy God

The skin will be completely clear, with the exception the gun that the skin is holding, and the shadow of the skin. If you are playin...


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File Description
The skin will be completely clear, with the exception the gun that the skin is holding, and the shadow of the skin. If you are playing a team match game (Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, Bombing Run, etc.) two dots that are the color of the team the skin is on will also appear.

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Unreal Tournament 2003 - So real, it's Unreal.

Skin Name:		Clear a.k.a. Stealthy God
Model Name:		HumanMaleA.MercMaleD (included with Unreal Tournament 2003)
Creator:		Annon Kaies Zi
Date Started:		February 10, 2003
Date Released:		February 13, 2003

	This is a skin that I did rather quickly.  It is completely transparent, and there is not much to it; just a little simple design.  This skin relies a lot on transparency...because the whole damn thing is transparent.  So, if your graphics card does not support transparency, you will not see this skin right; I do not know what the hell you will see, but it will not be the right way.  Though, if it is not clear, you need to get a new graphics card for your computer.  Also, sometimes when you are shot with some guns, you will appear solid, though only for a second, and this is intentional.

	The skin will be completely clear, with the exception the gun that the skin is holding, and the shadow of the skin. If you are playing a team match game (Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, Bombing Run, etc.) two dots that are the color of the team the skin is on will also appear.  These can not normally be removed without extra code, and are there to tell you which team each skin is on.  I am unsure how to code in Unreal Tournament 2003, so I can not remove them; however, they do help to tell which team the skin are on since you can not normally tell.  In dark maps it will be extremely hard to view this skin, so watch out.
	I did this file up in Macromedia Fireworks MX 6.0 and Upaint 1.0.  I will be updating this skin, giving it a better portrait and all of that good stuff.  Keep looking at the site that you got this at, or contact me (contact information is listed below) to get information about that.  If you want a little tip, crouch down to look like a fallen gun; if your enemy is going fast, he/she might not notice you are a player.

	To install this for your use in Unreal Tournament 2003, just place the following files (included in the file) in the following directories that your Unreal Tournament 2003 is in:

Clear.utx		\Textures
Clear.upl		\System
Clear.Readme.txt	\Help		*Optional*

	Clear-ScreenShot.png and Clear-ScreenShot.bmp are the same image, though just in different formats.  They are just a screen shot of the skin.  Of course you can only see a shadow and a gun, but that is what the skin looks like.  The skin is holding the Assault Rifle in the DM-Oceanic map (included with Unreal Tournament 2003).

	The files ClearHead.upt, ClearBody.upt, and Clear.upp (found in the are just the Upaint files before being compressed into the Clear.utx file.  They are just for your use, and are not needed to use the skin at all.  They can be opened in Upaint (included on the third disk as an extra of Unreal Tournament 2003) if you wish to view them, though they are just clear images.  You are free to use them as you wish; though, if you use them in a skin that you create, please credit me.  If you are not interested in them, just delete them.

	The files ClearHead.png and ClearBody.png (found in are just the files that I used to import into Upaint for the head and body textures.  I did them in Fireworks MX, though PNG Images (.png) can be opened in a variety of different programs.  Again, like the Upaint files, they are not needed for the use of the skin, and are just there for your reference, and are just complete clear images (since that is the whole skin).  Delete them if you wish.

	ClearPortrait.bmp is just the file (in .bmp format) that makes up the portrait shown when you go to player-select.

	If you would like the biography to appear in the player select in Unreal Tournament 2003, open up the file, found in your /System directory, and just add the text in between the lines (without adding the lines) at the end of the file:

Clear="Name:  Clear a.k.a. Stealthy God|Age:   Unknown|Race:  Human||Data:|Subsequent to cryptic brutal pain and punishment from a deathly society, this Human escaped from the torment of the evil happenings, and made his way to freedom soil.  Though, to vow revenge on the sataners that caused him suffering, he transformed himself into a stealthy man, unable to be viewed by a mere Human. Though, after slathering his victims, he was not able to revive to normal.  His mind was devoured and he now goes on committing random hunting against all living organisms...||"

	And that is it, you are done.  If you have any questions about this skin, or any other matter, please contact me (I would prefer you to e-mail me).

AOL Messenger:  AnnonKaiesZi
MSN Messenger:  AnnonZi
ICQ Number:  208436176

	The file, created by Annon Kaies Zi, should originally include: Clear.utx, Clear.upl, Clear-ReadMe.txt (this file), Clear-ScreenCap.bmp, and should include: ClearHead.png, ClearBody.png, ClearHead.upt, ClearBody.upt, Clear.upp, and ClearPortrait.bmp.  It is recommended that you keep the original .zip file for this skin.  For later reference in this readme, to distribute the skin, to maybe have to recover it, etc.

	This skin can NOT be sold in any way; this is freeware, and therefore is free; no exceptions.  You can use this model, place it on your site, etc. as long as you keep this file (Clear-Readme.txt) with any of the other files for this skin.  If you pose this model as your own, or do not credit me, you will be reported.  Use it all you like, as long as I have credit to it AND the Clear-Readme.txt is included.

	When crediting me, please state my name (Annon Kaies Zi), my e-mail (, and what the files were used for; either being just making the skin, or if you used a part of this skin.  Thank you.

	Unreal Tournament 2003 is copyright by Epic Games, Digital Extremes, and Atari.  I (Annon Kaies Zi) and in no way associated with Epic Games, Digital Extremes, Atari, or any other company that might of worked on Unreal Tournament 2003.  I (Annon Kaies Zi) also, in no way, worked on building the game Unreal, Unreal: Return to Na Pali, Unreal Tournament, Unreal Championship, Unreal Tournament 2003, or Unreal II: The Awakening.

					   -Thank you for downloading my skin.
								Annon Kaies Zi

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