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Conquest Marines...Version 3248 Conquest Marines is a multiplayer total conversion for Unreal Tournament 2003. You...


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Conquest Marines...Version 3248 Conquest Marines is a multiplayer total conversion for Unreal Tournament 2003. You will take part in the front line action of an intergalactic war, fighting against your brother marines at the sharp end of a struggle for control of the empire. The action is based primarily over large outdoor maps with a variety of weapons and vehicles for players to use. Team cooperation and strategy will be vital in order to win, as will using equipment and resources effectively.

To find out more about the background to the Conquest Marines universe, check out the Story so far...

Key features of the mod include:

Players - Players can configure their marines to support their playing style. Choose from multiple player roles.

Gametypes - Conquest Marines supports a range of different game types..

Weapons - Players will have access to the usual suspects in their arsenal, plus a few new suprises.

Equipment - In addition to weapons, players will be able to choose various items of equipment..

Vehicles - Each team will have access to vehicular support. This will include both single and multiplayer vehicles.

Battlefield Support - Players on the battlefield will have comms access to their command centre. This can be used to request ammo and equipment drops, airstrikes, and tactical support.

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Download '' (27.77MB)

Conquest Marines

Installation Instructions:

Conquest Marines is currently distributed as a ZIP file.  To install you will require the 
WinZip application ( evaluation version for more details) or other unzipper.

To install:

Unzip the installation file.  This will automatically install the required files into the 
C:\ut2003 directory.  All Conquest Marines files start with the CM prefix.  The installation process will put:

- ini, upl and int files into c:\ut2003\system.  
- a splash screen bitmap will be put into c:\ut2003\help
- all other files in c:\ut2003\cm2003\...

You will need to create a new shortcut to run Conquest Marines.  After installing you can find one in:


This shortcut has been set up with the following command line

	C:\UT2003\System\UT2003.exe -ini=cm2003.ini -userlogo=cm2003logo.bmp -userini=cm2003.ini

Key Mappings:

Look in game to set CM specific keys.

If you have any queries or suggestions then please contact [email protected]

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Conquest Marines (c) Leafcutter Studios 2003

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