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From the maker of the crowd pleaser minigun,TheSquirrelKing treats us with some good ol' fashion weapon modifications, and yes it will pleas...


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From the maker of the crowd pleaser minigun,TheSquirrelKing treats us with some good ol' fashion weapon modifications, and yes it will please you.

To install put all the files in the system folder of your ut2003 directory.For description read below

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The Crowd-Pleaser Armoury Collection
By: Brett "TheSquirrelKing" Michol
[email protected]

Unreal Description: "With the surprising success of the original Crowd-Pleaser Minigun project, Liandri officials turned once again to their arena pyrotechnicians to enhance the visual effects of other tournament weapons. The Crowd-Pleaser Armoury Collection brings together the original Crowd-Pleaser Minigun and the 3 new additions to the Crowd-Pleaser line:

    Crowd-Pleaser Rocket Launcher (CPRL): The Crowd-Pleaser team, being mainly composed of Liandri pyrotechnicians responsible for adding visual effects to the arenas and battlefields of the Tournament, and having extensive experience in producing coloured smoke clouds and explosions, found it to be a simple, and cost-effective, matter to add some familiar chemicals to the rocket propellant and warhead charges, producing the signature coloured smoke trails and explosions of the new CPRL. The colour of these effects is dependant upon team affiliation (red or blue), or is the random result of an equally random mixture of colouring agents.

    Crowd-Pleaser Assault Rifle (CPAR): Since the Minigun and Assault Rifle share the same ammunition, it was a simple matter to convert the Assault Rifle's primary fire for use in the Crowd-Pleaser Project. Furthermore, by adapting the Assault Rifle's grenades in much the same way as was done with the CPRL's rockets, all smoke emitted from CPAR grenades is appropriately coloured.
    Crowd-Pleaser Flak Cannon (CPFC): With little modification, and almost no increase in cost, the colour modifications applied to the Crowd-Pleaser Minigun and the Crowd-Pleaser Rocket Launcher can be duplicated for the flak chunks and flak shells, respectively. The resulting flak chunks leave glowing trails while the flak shells produce coloured smoke and explosions, with the colours again being random or reflecting team affiliation.

Alone, or combined with the remaining standard Tournament weapons that were deemed to be already visually impressive enough, the Crowd-Pleaser Armoury Collection has further popularised night matches and large-scale team matches where the Crowd-Pleaser effects add visual flair and team distinction."

Real Description: This weapon pack is the result of the surprisingly good feedback I got from the release of the CPMG. After release, I received quite a few requests to mod the Rocket Launcher, Assault Rifle, and Flak Cannon. So, as thanks to everyone who downloaded the CPMG and gave me such great feedback, I've created CPAC, as I like to call it [my fellow Canadians should pick up on the double-entendre in the name ;) ]  The goal here again was to modify the standard weapon effects to make the game a little more visually impressive for spectators and players alike while not hurting performance too much, or at all if possible.

I realise that it's been quite a long time since I released the CPMG, but this being my last year of high school and the fact that my teachers decided to swamp me with last-minute projects and whatnot, caused me to not be able to play UT2k3 nor code any mutators for great amounts of time :(  Then there was also the 2225 patch that suddenly made UT2k3 totally ignore/mess up some of my code, causing me to have to rewrite it with a slightly different approach that I hope I won't have to change again when the next patch is released. The bug-hunting that the 2225 patch caused did provide me with a lot of impressive effects that I stumbled upon during my "guess and test"-ing that I think I may be able to apply to my upcoming, but still unnamed, mod. 

Anyhow, the 3 new Crowd-Pleasers, like the CPMG before them, work really quite well on Mr. Evil's CTF-BrokenGorge, Michael Robertson's CTF-IDOLWORSHIP and CTF-IDOLWORSHIP-THE-RETURN, as well as ~ßø§~jj's rather underappreciated CTF-CivilRest-FE, so consider giving them a try. If you find any other maps that these weapons work particularly well on, or if you have any comments, questions, or would like to make use of this mutator, please send me an e-mail at [email protected] , I'd really appreciate hearing from you. 

Oh yeah, to use these, just toss the .u and .int files into your UT2003\System directory, and their mutators to any Instant Action game. I haven't tested these online, so Im not sure about how to get them to work on a server, but if anyone wants to try, please let me know how it works out.

Well this readme is getting quite long, so I suppose I'll stop here before I put someone in a coma or make their eyes go dry and shrivel up like raisins... Thanks for downloading my work, and for reading this far if you've made it here :) Included below is the original readme for the CPMG if you'd care to read it.

Original Crowd-Pleaser Minigun Readme:

The Crowd-Pleaser Minigun (CPMG)
By: Brett "TheSquirrelKing" Michol
[email protected]

Unreal Description: "The Crowd-Pleaser Minigun, known as the CPMG to avoid confusion with the M700 12G Semiautomatic Riot Shotgun, a.k.a.: the 'Crowd Pleaser', is the Liandri solution to the Minigun's lack of visual appeal to distant spectators. By adding various inexpensive chemicals that produce radioactive particle emissions on ignition to the shells found in the standard Tournament minigun, a coloured particle beam is produced that adds a new visual effect to the minigun's use. This crowd-pleasing effect not only gave the weapon its new name, but has also led to a renewed interest in Minigun Arena matches, especially those in night time settings, where the particle beams light up the night like some sort of killer light show."

Real Description: This is just a small mutator I decided to do in order to get acquainted with UScript, and in preparation for the upcoming, but still unnamed, dammit, mod that I'm heading. To put it simply, I added the shock beam effects to the Minigun's tracers. This produces some really nice effects in night time maps, where you get an effect that is a cross between a disco and the huge Clonetrooper vs. Droid Army scenes from Star Wars Episode 2 with all the beams flying past you (see screenshot collage). And if I may make a suggestion, give the CPMG a try with an Arena mutator on Mr. Evil's CTF-BrokenGorge, the effect is great with the firefights between all the trees. Anyhow, I hope you'll enjoy it if only for the extra eye-candy it provides, and if you have any comments, questions, or would like to make use of this mutator, please send me an e-mail at [email protected] . I'd really appreciate hearing from you, thanks!

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