Great looking medium sized map, a cross between medieval and sci fi design, and it has a story to back it up. The bases are mirror images,...


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Great looking medium sized map, a cross between medieval and sci fi design, and it has a story to back it up. The bases are mirror images, there are two paths to each base, which through some variety into the mix. Plenty of sniper and translocator kills to be had. The map flows really well, you never find yourself in a dull spot. With six to ten players on each team, human or bot, this map is alot of fun.


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Download 'ctf-alcatron.zip' (2.33MB)

Map Name:  CTF-Alcatron

File			: Unreal tournament 2003 (.ut2)      (  CTF-Alcatron  )

Author                  : Francis Briau ( Montréal, Québec, Canada )

Email			: mrbee_ut2k3@hotmail.com

Released		: november 2nd 2002

Single Player (Botmatch): yes
Capture The Flag        : yes

Editor used		Unrealed ver.3 on a AMD 1700  256meg ram
Build Time        : 40+h

Place the *.ut2 file in your \Ut2003\maps directory.

Author's Notes

  This takes place on Alcatron, a planet at the far end of the Andromeda galaxy.
  This planet has a very elliptical orbit and, every 4 weeks, the gravity drops to
  almost nothing! The Andromese from Oreda have chosen this planet as a 
  base for CTF matches and every year, it's CTF-Alcatron time!
  8 weeks contest of the greatest team warriors from this galaxie breaks the cold silence of
  Alcatron that becomes the host of a game of death.

  Registration for the contest is on Alphatron-5, it's closest moon.

  Resgistrated participants teams will be lodging on Alphatron-3 and then will be beamed down to Alcatron.

  Only the greatest warriors will make it.
  Be advised !


Thank's for playing this map !

Frank Bee

please send me e-mail if you like this map !
Thank you ---- Merci !


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Copyright/Permissions 1999-2003
You may distribute this map via electronic means, providing that it is done so free
of charge and that this text file is also included unchanged.

You may not include or distribute this map in any sort of commercial or non-comercial
product without permission from the author.  You may not mass distribute this level
via any non-electronic means, including but not limited to compact disks, and floppy disks.
This map may not be used, in whole or in part, as the basis of another map, without the
author's permission.

All other trademarks acknowledged.

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