One of the most visually stunning maps yet:)

High Quality and yet plays so well.... best of both worlds here!


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One of the most visually stunning maps yet:)

High Quality and yet plays so well.... best of both worlds here!

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Download 'ctfangkorian.zip' (10.95MB)

------------File Information------------------------------------------
 Title                   : Angkorian Temple
 Game                    : Unreal Tournament 2003/2004
 Game Type               : Capture the Flag
 Filename                : CTF-Angkorian.ut2
 Author                  : Alex "DarkWaver" Hoffmann
 Release Date		 : March 1st 2004

 Homepage                : http://www.planetunreal.com/phragit
 Email Address           : darkwaver@planetunreal.com

 Description             : Scenario is a Gen Mo'Kai Temple slightly inspired by Angkor Watt.
			   It features nearly 100% custom content. Only some rocks and trees
			   are used from the original UT2k3. Performance is pretty much like
			   The awesome music is used under the very friendly
			   permission of the ritual music band "This Morn' Omina" Check
			   their site out at
			   Go and buy a CD damn it!



 * Unzip CTF-Angkorian.ut2 to your UT2003\Maps directory.
 * Unzip DarkiAncient.usx to your UT2003\SaticMeshes directory.
 * Unzip TMOsuneater.ogg to your UT2003\Music directory.
 Have fun


I don't know any bugs but if you find one: drop me a line.

Bots play the map very well.

This map should be playable with UT 2003 and 2004. According to a statement
by Epic UT 2003 maps should be playable with UT 2004 without being modified.

Thanks a lot for BETA testing to:
Dr. D'eath

Thanks to TFM!TxD and MCLane for their tips during the construction phase.

------------Information----- ---------
 Single Player       : No
 Deathmatch          : No
 Capture the Flag    : Yes
 Double Domination   : No
 Bombing Run	     : No

 New Textures		: Not really
 New Sounds		: No
 New Static Meshes	: Yes
 New Music		: Yes 

 Build Time     : Mmh... started it a year and 4 months ago, layed it on ice for a year... WOW only 4 months
 Ideal Number of Players     : 8-12


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For the full portfolio check out my webpage!


Copyright (c) 2004 Alex "DarkWaver" Hoffmann, www.planetunreal.com/phragit
All rights reserved

Feel free to distribute this file in any electronic form, as long as proper
credit is given and the contents remain unaltered, and this text file has 
not been edited in any way.
You may not alter, edit or use the map as a base to build additional levels.
This file may not be commercially exploited in any way.
You MAY use the Static Meshes, if you can find some place for them.
The TMOsuneater.ogg file must not be distributed without this Level and in no commercial way.

feedback or comments, email me at: darkwaver@planetunreal.com

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