Nice sized CTF map for fast furious fun!


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Nice sized CTF map for fast furious fun!

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Download 'ctf-anthem.zip' (268KB)

by Jonathan "Knives" Dantzler

Level Stats
Editors Used: UnrealEd3
Construction Time: about 1 week
New Textures: no
New Meshes: no
Bot Pathing: well...kind of...more details later
Weapons Support: yes, except the painter. Have fun getting the Redeemer (hint: it's hidden
in plain sight)

How to Install
Place the file CTF-Anthem.ut2 in your UT2003 maps folder.

Thanks for downloading CTF-Anthem! I know that the egyptian theme is a bit overused these 
days, but I wanted to try it out. Besides, when you get down to it, it's all about the 
gameplay, right?

This map has one unique feature: a glass sheet covering one side of the goal. You can see
what's going on in the bases from the main room, but you can't enter it directly from there.
This lets you monitor what's going on in the bases to a degree. You can't see fire from
behind the glass, though. This map, unlike my first three, is also not an arena map; Anthem
is full-sized, unlike a lot of new maps these days, especially in BR.

Technical Specifications
I built this map on a laptop equipped with a 32 meg Radeon 7500, 256 DDR, and a P4 2.0 Mobile.
At 800x600 with 7 bots and normal details, I got 60 fps everywhere except when looking out 
on the main room from the bases, where it dropped to about 50. I recommend you have at least
256 MB RAM.

To get the mini-torches in the bases to show, your World Detail must be set on HIGH.

Bot pathing works to a point. I don't know how to get bots to work with these particular
jumppads. So, they can get to the center room, but then they get confused and start acting
like crackheads in a supermarket...OK, that sucked, but you get the idea.


Check out my other maps...

These are available at UT2003Files and UT2003HQ. Mechadome is also available on UT2K3.net.

Thanks to ]v[CROM for the idea for this map.

Legal Crap
You cannot modify this level in any way or use it as a base without my permission. You can
distribute this map as much as you want provided that this file and knives seal.bmp are
included, and the archive is left intact. This map cannot be sold for profit without my
WRITTEN permission.

This level and the Knives seal (c)2003 Jonathan Dantzler.

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