=== A Map Review By :agent:Syphir=== === CTF-Attrition...


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=== A Map Review By :agent:Syphir=== === CTF-Attrition=== === Created By xgeox===

Good God! Now this is a map that MUST be on CliffyB ownage! This map is slightly fast-paced while maintaining a stealth approach. You can run through realistic trenches, snipe from well placed towers, that is if you can concentrate your aim on the player, and not be watching the beautiful scenery. The game play is great and the looks are great. Read on.

Texture Usage:

This is amazingly put. I could find NO, I repeat NO texture misalignments. This is a first! Their dynamic, their beautiful and their smooth. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Texture Usage: 10/10* Architecture:

Like the textures, their dynamic beautiful, and they blend well. However, for some, they may lag (but all you need to do is decrease your world detail and disable foliage). But, the best part, the absolute best part is the fact that you don't get stuck! The creator must of either put alot of thought, or they used alot of NoBlock properties =) The detail is high, and nothing is irrelevant. It looks realistic... REALLY realistic. Overall, it gets what it deserves. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Architecture: 10/10* Layout:

This layout is fantastic. There is a spawn room that is away from the action so there can't be alot of spawn kills, unless some kill-joy sits in there on purpose. There are trenches and tunnels that connect to both bases that you can use to take a stealth approach. There are sniper towers that you can use to be in the action away from the action. There is definitely team work based aspects in this map. Got to love it. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Layout: 10/10* Lighting:

Great lighting, unfortunately nothing I thought was astonishing. But, like I said in my last review, less pizzazz means less problems...well I said something like that.

Lighting: 9/10 Overall:

Textures:*10/10 Architecture:*10/10 Layout:*10/10 Lighting: 9/10 Weapon Usage: 9/10 Total: 48/50 48 - OWNAGE!

0-5 Terrible 6-10 Very Poor 11-15 Poor 16-20 Mediocre 21-25 Bad 26-30 So-So 31-35 Okay 36-40 Good 41-45 Fantastic 46-49 Ownage 50-50 Syphir's Ownage

Finishing Notes:

This map is supreme. Download it! This is the first time anyone has ever reached OWNAGE, and was only 2 points away from Syphir's Ownage. Bling bling.

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Download 'ctf-attrition_xgeox.zip' (3.8MB)

*ReadMe File*

Created on 6th December 2002

Thankyou for downloading this UT2003 Level - Please  take note of this information for future reference.

Level Name:     Attrition
Build Platform:     Ued3
Build Time:     4.5 weeks
Game Type:     Capture the Flag
Recomended Players:     4-8 (10 max)
Bot Support:    Full
Weapons:    Rocket Launcher, Link Gun, Shock Rifle, Mini Gun, Ion Painter, Sniper Rifle

Notes:   This level is highly detailed, which may result in poor performance on minimum spec machines. I have personally tested this map on a 1.5Ghz, GF4, 512MbDDR system, and anything above this will be more than able. My other machine, an 800Mhz, GF2, 512MbSDR system will adequately run this map. If you have problems, reduce the world detail and turn off foliage to increase performance.

Whilst playing this map, you'll notice that firing rockets or grenades at the wooden trench walls will not result in an explosion. Although this does not look realistic, it was intentional - during testing, it became apparent that due to the confined nature of the trenches, it was very easy for players to blow themselves up when firing rockets or grenades. This was found to be very frustrating and so was fixed for the final release.

Known bugs: Bots will not use the sniping towers (not a major problem) - if you notice any more bugs, please report them to george@xgeox.co.uk

This Zip File may be re-distributed on any medium, providing it remians un-edited and all files are present. If you wish to alter the content of this Zip file for re-distruibution, please contact george@xgeox.co.uk before doing so.

All content in this Zip file is Copyright George Wilkins 2002-2003

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