CTF-Base99 1.3

Ah, this is much better from the previous version. For those of you who thought this map had a lot of potential, you were right! Lots of m...


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Ah, this is much better from the previous version. For those of you who thought this map had a lot of potential, you were right! Lots of much need improvements and smoother gameplay, and best of all? Bot paths!

The map has gone through a number of cosmetic changes to make it look better. Plant meshes had their collisions shut off to make gameplay a little smoother. The wildcard pickup base in the center has been replaced with a shield. More weapons, including the Ion Painter. And music, the map now plays Teahouse from The Matrix Reloaded.

The downside to the music is that it's not in Ogg format, meaning it'll probably play in conjunction with whatever music you already have playing, this is a bad thing, needs an Ogg file for the music, don't use Wavs anymore.

Anyway, check it out, let us know what you think!

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Filename: CTF- Base 99
Version: 1.3
Author: Paul Williams
Release Date: 13/11/2003


In the middle of the desert, there is Base 99. A small, understaffed military outpost which is rapidly running out of funds.The military created a small arena on the outskirts of the base for the tournaments, much to the happiness of bored security guards.

This map has to opposing bunkers which can hold up to 5 players each.

+ Botpaths!
+ Some of the meshes on the buildings are changed for a better look.
+ Music changed to Teahouse from The Matrix Reloaded.
+ Shield in the middle replaced by a wildcard base.
+ More weapons including Ion Painter (forgot to put it in the first).
+ Plants have no collision for smoother gameplay.
+ Plus some more tweaks here and there.

This is my first map so give me any comments on it!


Type of File: CTF Map
Custom Static Meshes: No
Custom Textures: No
Custom Animations: No
Custom Sounds: No
Custom Music: Yes


Bugs, Errors, Comments, Questions?
Send to: dogboy_uk@hotmail.com


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