CTF-BeerWarsLite takes place inside a beer factory. Its the battle between Budwiser and Miller! Each of the bases are loaded up with rocket...


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CTF-BeerWarsLite takes place inside a beer factory. Its the battle between Budwiser and Miller! Each of the bases are loaded up with rocket launchers, flack cannons, miniguns, and all you favourite weapons. The placemant of the weapons worries me though, as it can become rather spammy when everyone has Rockets and Flak cannons. There is alot of ammo placed around the ma, and lots of adrenaline. I like what the author did with the adrenaline; he replaced them with beer! When you reach 100 adrenaline, and you pick up some more, you view also goes all crazy , pitching up and down. Neat trick.

The flow on this map is pretty smooth, without many chokepoints.The only complaint I have is that the entrances to the flag rooms are a bit funny, and are blocked by some sort of metal....thing. With this, you cannot see if anyone on the otherside of the door is waiting for you with a flak cannon. With all the weapons laid out in front of you though, it was a tad spammy.

The textuing on this map was alrght, but left something to be desired in the variety department. Most of the textures were of the cement variety, nad that gets old. The beer can textures on some of the larger stuff was a bit stretched, and, frankly, looked ugly. Still, its not everyday you have lots of giant beercans scattered everywhere. The lighting in this map was a good, but wasn't anything special. There were a few coronas scattered around the map, The map was well lit, and I liked this. I thought it suited the map, and the illumination just seemed...fitting.

This map is a good play, and should be good for a few rounds of CTF. I thought it was unique in the sense that I have never played a map located in a beer factory. Worth a try, at least.


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Title                   : - Beer Wars -
Version                 : 1.0
Release Date            : 2nd December 2002
Filename                : CTF-BeerWars.zip
Author                  : Britton Wesley aka 'Ghandi'
Website			: http://www.zencoder.com
Email Address           : britton_wesley@yahoo.com
Description             : CTF Fun with Beer Wars  action!

Other levels by author  : http://www.macrosoftcorp.com/groove
Additional Credits to   : Wolf for the good tutorial. Thanks !

--- Play Information ---
Game                    : unreal Tournament
Level Name              : - Beer Wars -
New Sounds              : Belching
New Graphics            : No
New Code:               : No
New Music:		: No
Known bugs              : None, its perfect!

--- Construction ---
Editor(s) used          : UT2003 Unreal Ed
Base                    : None
Construction Time       : 3 days


Unzip the the .ut2 file and place it into the maps directory under your UT2003 directory. 
Place the .ut2 file in the maps folder


Double-click the map ( This will start a CTF game ), or start a multiplayer CTF game and select the map from the menu.

As an economic side effect the tournament industry helped many other industries as well.  The Holographic Broadcast network and Nuerovision had become media empires.  The food and beverage industry had taken off too.  Hot dogs and beer derived over 50% of their revenue form the tournament matches in both the major and minor leagues.  Everything was going well untill bud had a 50% price reduction on its 450th anniversary.  During the celebration no one bought miller at any of the games.  Bud kept it up for a week and then decided to prolong the sale for a full month.  

Miller's profits plumeted and the stock dropped 20% in the first week of the promotion.  Miller's CEO, Chadwick Grossman, lost his bonus check and wasn't able to take his second wife on the all star exclusive trip to Alpha Centari.  To get even she slept with the home's staff head chef.  She got pregnant and Grossman had to fire the chef.  This really upset the him because that particular chef was the only one that knew how to make chocolate truffles for dessert just the way Grosman liked them.  He vowed revenge.  The next day Groosman slashed prices 60% and hired a hit man.  

Theodore Lytle the CEO of Bud came home to find his favorite norwegian blue stuffed like a turkey and basted in the oven.  After playing the security footage he recognized the hit man he had hired to kill the head of the SEC two weeks earlier and placed a phone call.  Once Lytle had paid the right price the hit man revealed that it was Grossman that hired him.  It wasn't long before he hatched a plan.  He heavily leveraged Bud with long term debt and issued several billion dollars worth of bud bonds. He acquired several short term investments with high interest yields and then he gave away free beer at the tournaments. His plan was to give it away for free for 5 years... just long enough to bankrupt Miller.  As Miller stock dropped he bought shares of common stock under a second shell corporation which was a wholey owned subsidiary of another subsidiary of bud.  He also hired another hitman to kill Grossmans favorite pet dog.

None to late Grossman figured out Lyltes hostile take over scheeme and began giving away Miller beer with prizes under the pull tab.  Grand prize was an life time supply organ donor clones insuring at the very least a false sense of immortality to the winner.  A fairly common prize was a life time supply of prostitutes.

To offset the drop in stock prices bothe CEO's had to cut costs or they would lose the bonus checks.  Outside of the tournament industry and its economic beneificaries the economy was bad, really really bad.  Lay offs meant almost certain death and starvation for countless numbers of families.  Children were forced to work in mine shafts.  Wives and mothers were forced to serve twisted masters as miller prize prostitutes.  This inspired a tremendous hatred between the employees of miller and bud.  At first the attacks were verbal.  They would shout obsceneties to eachother at the tournamnets.  Simple things like "F**k off and die you Budwiswer butt f**kers."  and "Drop dead you Miller mother f**kers."  Not very creative but to the point.

Soon after the first round of lay offs, assaults and physical attacks were common place.  Several homes were burned and riots broke out in LA and Chicago.  In the summer of 47 Chicago burned to the ground for the fith time in history.

To make things worse the tournamnet industry had the bright idea of opening breweries inside the tournament arenas.  This meant that Miller and bud employess would be working in close proximity to eachother.  Thats close proximity with lots of free beer and tournament weapons scattered about.  Its a well known fact that beer and fire arms dont mix well with intense hatred.  The situation was explosive and in no time the employees began shooting eachother.  News of the events spread and were televised.  Soon it was an all out war.  A Beer War.  A war that raged on several planets.. leading to the great galatic "beer wars" of the 24th century.

Copyright / Permissions
This level is copyrighted by Zencoder, all work mentioned above is copyrighted by the respective authors.  Contact us if you'd like to use our work.

Authors may use this level as a base to build additional levels. As long as you mention my name... and the other autors listed above. 

You are allowed to commercially exploit this level, i.e. put it on a CD or any other electronic medium that is sold for money.... provided you get permission from Zencoder.

You MAY distribute this .zip for free through any electronic network (internet, FIDO, local BBS etc.), provided you include this file and leave the archive intact.

ut2eal Tournament (c)1999 Epic Megagames, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.  Distributed by
GT Software, Inc. under license.  ut2eal Tournament and the ut2eal Tournament logo are registered
trademarks of Epic Megagames, Inc. 

All other trademarks and trade names are properties of their respective owners.

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