CTF-Car Park



Nice CTF Map, one of the best custom ones to-date :D Check the readme file below for more information.

To get this map, plus 3 other CTF Maps by the same author in one map pack, click here!

There is also a Bombing Run-version of this map!




To use the Dead Cat maps, please do the following:

.1) Unzip the 4 .ut2 files into your ut2003 maps directory

.2) Move or make a back-up copy of the XMaps.int file in ut2003 system directory

.3) Unzip the XMaps.int into your ut2003 system directory after you've finished with number 2 above

All 4 maps run extremely well, and lag-free, at 1280x1024 with all other settings turned up to maximum on my system.

    Athlon XP-1800 CPU

    Leadtek A250 GeForce4 Ti4600

    512Mbs of DDR RAM

Nothing is overclocked.

Please send us some comments on the maps at: [email protected]

Special thanks to Epic and DE for making a great game and a 
great...albeit slightly buggy...editor for us to play with.

Thanks to Unreal Warfare for the vehicle meshes in CTF-Car Park.

Thanks to Zeratul for the original layout of CTF-Acid Pipe.

Thanks to Lord Crass for the original layout of CTF-Car Park.

...and many thanks to Hobi-Wan for giving us the original version of 
CTF-Boom Boom Bridge...Now get off your butt Dale and start making 
maps for UT2003!

There are not enough words to thank all of our patient beta testers, 
very special kudos to Tack for telling us the truth even when it 
wasn't very pretty.

-Toonces & Balefire

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