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=== A Map Review By :agent:Syphir=== === CTF-CassandraCrossing...


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=== A Map Review By :agent:Syphir=== === CTF-CassandraCrossing=== === Created By Jon `KillBait!" Duncombe===

Now this is a map that is putting this map maker on the railroad to success…sorry, I had to be corny =) This map is based on an abandoned railroad track crossing a flowing river. Three bridges connect the two bases together. It is, like most railroads, an outside map, and uses weather effects, and very realistic water karma effects. Read on.

Texture Usage:

The textures were great. Nothing Was unneeded and everything went So smoothly into each other, and Where smoothness is great means That misalignments are minimal. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Texture Usage: 10/10* Architecture:

Nothing too special but nothing Lagged. The railroad cars were Realistic and weren’t exaggerated. The river looks awesome, and the Bases are greatly designed. Top-notch. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Architecture: 10/10* Layout:

Not a disappointment but certainly no Surprise. It’s the very basic, slightly Overused ‘2 base connected by a bridge Over danger’ layout. But what’s wrong with That? Nothing, but since it’s been used so Much I really can’t award this man a perfect 10. It’s great, don’t get me wrong.

Layout: 9/10 Lighting:

Dynamic, realistic, and wonderfully created. Nothing special, but it’s certainly great looking.

Lighting: 9/10 Overall:

Textures:*10/10 Architecture:*10/10 Layout: 9/10 Lighting: 9/10 Weapon Usage: 9/10 Total: 47/50 47 - OWNAGE!

0-5 Terrible 6-10 Very Poor 11-15 Poor 16-20 Mediocre 21-25 Bad 26-30 So-So 31-35 Okay 36-40 Good 41-45 Fantastic 46-49 Ownage 50-50 Syphir's Ownage

Finishing Notes:

This map is absolutely great, and is indeed OWNAGE material. The gameplay is awesome And it looks the same way. Download it, you won’t Be disappointed. And according to the ReadME, this Was the map creator’s first map for UT2003. Without a doubt, the creator has something going For him.

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Download 'ctf-cassandracrossing.zip' (3.2MB)

Unreal Tournament 2003 Map

Title                   : CTF-CassandraCrossing
Version                 : Final
Release Date            : 24/7/2003
Filename                : CTF-CassandraCrossing.ut2
Author                  : Jon `KillBait!" Duncombe
Email Address           : KillBait_UK@Hotmail.com
Description             : My First full original map for UT2003
Build Time              : About 3 weeks
Feedback URL            : http://www.ataricommunity.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&postid=4062573#post4062573

--- Play Information ---
Game                    : Unreal Tournament 2003
Bonus packages needed   : None (i think :)
Level Name              : CTF-CassandraCrossing (CTF-CassandraCrossing.ut2)             
Game Type               : CaptureTheFlag
Single Player           : yes
Deathmatch              : No
Team DeathMatch         : No
Capture the Flag        : Yes
Double Domination       : No
Bombing Run             : In the works after a few emails asking for a version.
Ideal Player Count      : 8 - 12
External Packages Needed: None
New Sounds              : No
New Textures            : Yes
New Static Meshes       : Yes (with custom collision meshes)
New Music               : No
Secret places           : None
Recommend Mutators      : I would highly recommend using the superbots mutator with this map, they will give
                          you a much harder time. Laser Instagib is also fun on this map :)

--- Construction ---
Editor(s) used          : UnrealEd 3 , Maya4.5PLE , Photoshop 
Base                    : None - Completely original
Layout                  : Original but no very imaginative ;)
Lighting                : Changed from early beta versions


Copy the file CTF-CassandraCrossing.ut2 into your Maps folder or run straight from the zip file.

Play and Enjoy :)

Version History

    Final Release
      - Added blocking volumes
      - Fire surrounds now have collision
      - Assigned music to level
      - Preview screens added.
      - Tweaked DecoLayers a bit (was some bare patches around i didn't notice)
      - Added a few more amientsounds
      - Map tested on dedicated server  


      - Full Botpath support ( assaultpaths/defence + freelance scripts/laddder support ect. )
      - Tested jumpspots many times to eliminate random failures. 
      - Fixed some textures not being DXT compressed.
      - Map size reduced by 25%.
      - Rain splash effect added (like in DE-ElectricFields) and thanks to maya crashing every thirty
        seconds it was a long time before the collision mesh was completed and tweaked.
      - Changed a lot of the emitters/statics meshes to different detail levels for performance.
      - Fixed lots of terrain holes/visibility issues.
      - Terrain decolayers added
      - Added new texture layers to terrain.
      - NoRain/Zonename volumes added
      - Custom collision meshes adjusted and new collision mesh for splash effect added.
      - Distance fog adjusted to reflect new map size and visibility length reduced to help FPS.

      - Can't remember now, so many things changed :)

    Beta1 - Initial Beta Release

Copyright / Permissions

You are NOT allowed to alter/adjust this map without permission from it's author (KillBait!)

You may NOT use the custom meshes/collision in this level without permission from it's author (KillBait!)

Unreal ® Tournament 2003 © 2002 Epic Games, Inc. Raleigh, N.C. USA. Unreal and the Unreal logo
are registered trademarks of Epic Games, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. All other trademarks and
trade names are the property of their respective owners. Unreal Tournament 2003 was created by
Digital Extremes. Manufactured and marketed by Infogrames, Inc., New York, New York, under
license from Epic Games, Inc.

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