Wow!!! Really nice CTF map, no doubt about it. Also contains a good music file:)

It's like being on an Egyption isle in outerspace. This...


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Wow!!! Really nice CTF map, no doubt about it. Also contains a good music file:)

It's like being on an Egyption isle in outerspace. This looks like it could be one of the planets from StarGate SG-1. Really cool eye candy, and you can tell the author has put tons of time and work into this map. You have waving silk draperies, moving flag stands, great semi see through textures... wow!

Bots play this map well, and are very sneaky. Keep on the lookout because there are a few out of site places to get around this baby, and people will seem to come out of nowhere.

This map plays great with 16 players or under, might be a little taking on machines with low system specs. You really need a good card to play this one... Geforce 3 Ti or better with lots of onborad RAM.

This is a must have map just to see what this engine is capable of!


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Download 'ctf-contact.zip' (7.67MB)

Title                   : CTF-Contact
Version                 : 1.00
Release Date            : July 11 2003
Filename                : CTF-Contact.ut2
Author                  : Brendan "Buckyfg" Albert
Email Address           : info@buckyfg.com
Website			: www.buckyfg.com

Other maps released     : BR-Contact, CTF-marsbase3000, DM-Phobos-cruiser, CTF/DM-Shire, CTF-666hell
                          (working on Atlantis mod, maps in progress AT-Jawa / AT-Norad)

Recommended player 6-10

ALL Content © 2003 Brendan "Buckyfg" Albert

 In another Universe, another time, a planet with one lone island stands as their final battle ground.

Have fun and feel free to email me with any comments at info@buckyfg.com , put CTF-Contact in the header.

feel free to distribute this map. 
Do NOT alter or change this map! 

Authors may NOT!!:
Use this level as a base to build additional levels (you wont learn that way anyway), use it commercially in any way or use it as part of a mod release or map pack without my consent.
Level Name              : CTF-Contact
Game Type               : Capture The Flag
Bots                    : yes 
Multiplayer             : yes
custom meshes           : yes (palm trees made by JackONiell. leader of the Atlantis mod)
custom Sounds           : No
custom Graphics         : yes, lots

build time		: A long time. realisticly probably a couple hundred hours 

Unzip the file CTF-Contact.ut2 into your UnrealTournament2003\maps directory
Unzip the file Egypt.ogg into your UnrealTournament2003\music directory
Unzip the br-contactrees.usx into your UnrealTournament2003\staticmeshes directory
Unzip the br-contactreeskins.utx into your UnrealTournament2003\textures directory

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