Very nice map.-To be reviewed by the map reviewing staff


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Very nice map.-To be reviewed by the map reviewing staff

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Title             : Deep Sprinta
Version           : 1.0
File Name         : CTF-DeepSprinta.unr
Author            : Cory 'SpoonDog' Spooner
Email Address     : thespoondog@planetunreal.com
Web Page          : http://www.planetunreal.com/spoondog


Files		     : CTF-Deepsprinta.unr
		     : MKReptile.ogg

Credits		     : {RA}SKYFURNACE, Plumb_Drumb, Wormbo,
		     : xc3pt, Lio Convoy for beta testing.
		     : Mortal Kombat movie for the music...
		     : Original authors of the Epic meshes used.

Other maps by me     : Too many to be bothered putting 'em in here
		     : (Just visit my website - see above)

New Stuff	     : Custom music track MKReptile.ogg
		     : Coupla new textures
		     : Lots of new, really horrible meshes made by me in Ued
		     : (Yes, they're all made in Ued :/ )

--- Construction ---
Editor(s) used       : UnrealEd 3.0, Photoshop, DBPowerAmp Music Converter.

That's enough... This level is copyright Cory 'SpoonDog' Spooner, December 2002.

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