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This is the author's first work, and I have to say I was impressed. This map sports a very simple layout and design that incorporates many parts of other maps I have seen in the past. Very linear in nature, and without much flourish, the author none-the-less manages to make a very fun map to play. The two bases are fenced off areas containing teleporters and weapons, and are connected by a series of walk-ways. There are some areas that could use some work. All weapons spawn in each base instead of being spread around the map, and there is a weapon spawn point that is empty (the link gun in the red base). The upper and lower walkways need to be balanced off some. The upper path is narrow, gives no room to maneuver, and only offers adrenalin and health. The lower path is wider, has rails to prevent falling, and three armor pick-up's to boot. The spiral staircases in each base tend to kill the feel of the map. Lifts would look better, and may add to game flow by allowing access to the top path via a lift jump. The map needs some work, but it is still great to play. I see quite a bit of potential here for a very solid CTF level. ~rAzOr~

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Download 'ctf-ebok.zip' (839KB)


Installation: Put CTF-Ebok.ut2 in your Maps directory of Unrealtournament2003

This is my first map! It is inspired by several maps that where my favorites in UT! Have fun and please email any suggestions to update it!

Please Do not modify without my permission. 

have Fun

Robert LaPrade

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