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I liked this map, especially the skybox and the background sounds. It was a decent size, although in some areas I foun were a bit empty of...


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I liked this map, especially the skybox and the background sounds. It was a decent size, although in some areas I foun were a bit empty of obstacles e.t.c. Also I had great fun with the InstaGib mode, but when i came out i found there were not that many weapon spawns about. However, these are only a minor points to a cool map, because the rest is great!

~Szico VII~

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Title                   : CTF-Hunter
Version                 : Final [Personal Reference Number 137]
Release Date            : 13th November 2003
Filename                : CTF-Hunter.ut2
Author(s)               : Michael "The Deacon" Taylor
Email Address           : m_taylor_01@hotmail.com
Web Page                : http://www.unrealplayground.com/mapper.php?id=656
Description             : Capture The Flag for 6 - 10 players.
Levels by author UT2003	: N/A at this date
Levels by author UT	: Dm-JailBreak

--- Play Information ---
Game                    : UT2003
Level Name              : CTF-Hunter
Single Player           : Botmatch
Default GameType	: Capture The Flag

New Sounds              : Yes - Custom music track taken from
			 the soundtrack to the film "Run Lola Run" (English title - the
			 film is actually german). Track is number 7, Casino. I edited
			 the track to increase the speed to 125% of the original.

New Graphics            : Yes embedded into MyLevel Package. Skybox textures and
			 terrain + alpha maps. Also two textures I used for the
			 blue flame emitters which are exported from
			 EmitterTextures.utx and recoloured blue.
			 Also the Preview panel textures.
NewUnrealScript         : No
External DLLs           : No
Known bugs              : None

--- Construction ---
Editor(s) used          : UnrealED v3.0
Base                    : Level idea from a clan member from *GeRm*, namely city_hunter.
Construction Time       : Started 23rd August 2003. Very much on and off. Probably at
			 least 48 hours work.

Unzip the .ut2 file into your "UT 2003/Maps/" directory.
Unzip the .ogg file into your "UT 2003/Music/" directory.

Author's Notes
This is (hopefully) the final version of the map CTF-Hunter.
Changes since BETA1 version are:
	- Extra ambient sounds added.
	- Skybox updated to include stars.
	- Preview textures for map browser were done.
	- A small amount of little tweaks.

NOTE: I did receive comments about the whole light source with the plants
in the cave. *Please* give me this one thing: It was my idea that it was
the plants themselves that were glowing. Well why not?!?!? We have glow
worms and fire flies. Why can't a plant have similar chemical reactions
going on?? This is after all a fictional planet in the future.

OK, rant over.

CTF-Hunter Details
	Layout	: The layout is in a similar vain to CTF-Maul. That is,
		 two bases seperated by a large hill in the middle. This
		 is where the similarities end really. In each base, the
		 flag is set atop a pyramid like structure with a set of
		 steps taking you down to the open section of the base and
		 a bridge that takes you over the base wall onto the

		  The terrain is set up as a hill straight across
		 the middle with a tunnel that cuts underneath the hill
		 right in the centre. This tunnel is most easily accessed
		 from the low route out of the base from the bottom of the
		 steps out between the main walls of the base. It is
		 possible to scale the hill on either side of the tunnel
		 in order to reach the high route. It is also possible to
		 go on top of some of the rocks on either side of the map.

		  Aside from the flag base pyramid, in each base
		 there are two jump pads that take you up to sniping points
		 on the base walls. There is a protected spawn area at the
		 back of each base that has pillars and short walls to
		 protect spawners (This is only where a few of the spawn
		 points are). Lastly, there is a tunnel that cuts under the
		 base between the two back facing sides.
	Story	: CTF-Hunter is set on the desert planet Apharus. Battle takes
		 place between two small temples of worship seperated by a
		 rolling hill of sand. The history of the temples or more
		 accurately just temple, you will see why later, is quite an
		 ancient one. It all started just over 3000 years ago on the
		 Earth-like planet of Haras. There lived a species similar
		 to homo sapiens although roughly 1.4 times the size of an
		 average human.

		  They were a sun worshiping civilisation much the same as
		 the Egyptian civilisation on Earth but far more technologically
		 advanced. Most importantly they had space flight and they
		 took it upon themselves to send ships to other star systems
		 with similar planets in the search for life and to try 'recruit',
		 as it were, any intelligent life to join in their system of

		  At some point, it seems that some of them visited a planet
		 with an unusually large moon orbiting it. This turned out to
		 be Apharus and word soon spread about this unusual satellite
		 and with it, spread the occasional whisper of discontent.
		 Some seemed to dislike the constant and forced worship of
		 stellar bodies and this, mixed with the talk of the unusual
		 moon led to a rival religion appearing.

		  This was a very underground cult type of thing but the
		 numbers grew slowly but surely until up to around 40000 followers.
		 This was the point where the world rulers tried to put a stop
		 to the whole affair. The lunar religion was banned under threat of
		 slow and painful death and soon after there were only a few thousand
		 that had remained faithful to their moon worshipping ways.
		 They realised that to survive they must escape the shackles
		 of their current rulers and an exodus of all their members
		 took place when they took two ships with the intention of going
		 to Apharus. Only one ship made it.

		  Both ships were follwed and only one of the two escaped the
		 battle that ensued. They were left with a damaged ship but they
		 did make it to Apharus with 1900 people. They set up their
		 own civilisation and within 10 years they numbered about 140000
		 With three huge cities of worship, Anodas Prima, Evaris and

		  After only another three years, disaster struck. It seems that
		 the very thing they worshipped was their downfall. The large moon
		 already caused problems with huge tidal variation all over the
		 planet but it also somehow, under the right circumstances, be able
		 to have catastrophic effects on the planets climate. Such a thing
		 happened and it came suddenly without warning.

		  The planet changed. No longer did they have a calm temperate
		 climate. Now they had a raging hot, dry climate with raging
		 winds that tore deep canyons into the land leaving it arid and
		 desolate. The lunar worshippers had no way of escape. Their
		 stock of space ships was woefully inadequate for the size of their
		 population so only 8000 could escape in time before the three cities
		 were buryed under masses of dust and sand.

		  The wind storms blew for over a century but eventually things changed
		 again. The winds stopped but still what was left was basically a dead
		 planet. It took roughly 2800 years for anyone to set foot on the
		 planet again. This was in the form of the Liandri Interplanetary
		 Exploration Division (LIED) on the search for possible places for expansion
		 to their empire. Apharus was overlooked for any profitable venture
		 so the planet was left in the capable hands of the Dead Planets Society
		 for research purposes. It was they who discovered the temple.

		  An avalanch of sand exposed it. Only a small section but enough to be
		 noticed in contrast to the barren landscape. The temple was worked on
		 for days until finally, after 12 days of excavation, the whole temple
		 was there for all to see, very well preserved being left under the sand
		 even for so long. Artefacts and documents were discovered in the lower
		 depths of the temple, which is where a lot of the history was discovered.
		 The search was soon on to find the three cities or at least what
		 remained of them, but that's going off the subject now.

		  Around the same time, the Tournament was expanding with Liandri. Newer
		 and more distant locations we being found for Tournament battles now
		 that the old arenas were getting rather stale. Apharus was soon on the list
		 for possible Tournament usage and a young student and the Liandri
		 Institute For Tournament Arenas (LIFTA) nicknamed 'The Deacon' put a
		 design forward for a project on ancient history and it received so much
		 praise that it was put to the Liandri Tournament Association (LTA) who
		 passed it for construction. The basic design, was to build two replicas
		 of the recently discovered temple, without the underground chambers, and
		 seperate them with a large rolling hill of sand.

		  And so it was done, the arena was built and it won the regional award
		 for interesting use of historical content and soon it was a firm favourite
		 among the fans and the competitors, especially some of the Egyptian type
		 people who found the story behind it most interesting. So there we have it,
		 the story behind CTF-Hunter. If you bothered to read the whole story then
		 thankyou, and sorry for making you read such a pile of barely coherent
		 drivel. I hope you had as much fun reading it as I had writing it.

Copyright / Permissions
This level is copyright Michael Taylor, October 2003.

Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.

You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this level, i.e. put it on a CD
or any other electronic medium that is sold for money without my explicit

You MAY distribute this level through any electronic network (internet,
FIDO, local BBS etc.), provided you include this file and leave the archive

Unreal® Tournament 2003 ©2002 Epic Games, Inc. Raleigh, N.C. USA. 
Unreal and the Unreal logo are registered trademarks of Epic 
Unreal Tournament 2003 was created by Digital Extremes and Epic Games, Inc.. 
Manufactured and marketed by Infogrames, Inc., New York, New York, 
a subsidiary of Infogrames Entertainment, S.A., under license from 
Epic Games, Inc.
Ogg Vorbis Copyright © 2001, Xiphophorus

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