CTF-Marsbase 3000

The first thing I thought of when I saw this map was "Total Recall". I'm sorry, but growing up in the 80's and 90's, cheesy Arnold Schwarze...


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The first thing I thought of when I saw this map was "Total Recall". I'm sorry, but growing up in the 80's and 90's, cheesy Arnold Schwarzenegger movies were part of life : ) This is a large, mostly outdoor level, based on ...well, yes, Mars. The outdoor area is huge, and the author has placed Bulldog spawn points for some GTA/UT2K3 crossover action. If you have not had the chance to mess around with the Bulldog yet, this is the map for you.

The cunning placement of teleporters means that even on foot this level is easy to navigate. It's big enough for vehicles, but not so big that players feel dwarfed when hoofin it. Also, the many obstacles mean that drivers will need to hone their skills, and ground troops will have cover so they don't get flattened. The bases are very well designed, and fit flawlessly with the overall tone of the map. I love the use of the window to see into each base from afar. I would have liked to see the bases better marked with each team's colors, however. I was happily surprised at the frame rates; with the level this size I expected worse, but they are more than playable. Bots do fine, but humans may be preferred due to the Bulldog. Bots just don't seem to know what to make of it, and only seem fit as speed-bumps. Weapon placement is great, and seems well thought out for a map this size.

The thing that stands out most in my mind after playing this level quite a few times is the many original things I saw done here. The seamless integration of the bulldog is one, but there are some really great things to see in this level. Instead of relying on a "one-trick-pony" with the bulldog, Bucky has built a solid level that will push for teamwork and add vehicle tactics to your list of things to master. Of all the CTF maps, this one is special, and should be on your download list. ~rAzOr~

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Download 'ctf-marsbase3000.zip' (3.34MB)

Unreal Tournament 2003 Map

Title                   : Marsbase3000
Version                 : 1.00
Release Date            : Oct 27 2002
Filename                : CTF-marsbase3000.ut2
Author                  : Buckyfg
Email Address           : info@buckyfg.com
Website			: www.buckyfg.com

Recommended player 6-12  , it's a bit of a demanding map.

Content © 2002 (meaning you cant say you made this level, thats all. After all, I worked hard on it)

Thanks to		: Rob Rich for the idea of using the Marsface
                        : mONkeybONe, Coldfusion and label for testing and                                       helping out and all the other INA forum residents.
                        : Digital Extremes & Epic for making an amazing follow up and                           creating the sweet editor :) P.S you've ruined my social                               life
Well, included late in the tournament, it was decided to use the old mars base for combat training, but the organizers forgot to mention that the weapons they gave us came with LIVE ammunition and they poisened the atmosphere with a drug that induces violent behaviour. the rest they say is, well find out yourself I gots me some fraggin to do.  (I had NO idea what to put here :)

This is my first map ever, I mean I started up a level editing program 4 weeks ago. So there will be problems but I'm pretty happy with it as a first effort.

Have fun and feel free to email me with any comments at info@buckyfg.com , put marsbase3000 in the header.

feel free to distribute this map. 
Please do not alter or change this map without asking my permission. 
as it will screw up the verions online if you try to change anything, even if its fooked somewhere just let it go man, let it go.

Authors may NOT:
Use this level as a base to build additional levels (you wont learn that way anyway), use it commercially in any way or use it as part of a mod release or map pack without my consent.
(I'm sure I'd let ya, just ask to make sure)


Level Name              : CTF-marsbase3000
Game Type               : CTF
Bots                    : yes (but there not the best, I'm working on it:)
Multiplayer             : yes
custom Sounds           : No
custom Graphics         : a few


build time		: No idea , I spent alot of time learning as I went, so a long                           time

Unzip the file marsbase3000.ut2 into your UnrealTournament2003\maps directory,
and choose instant action and CTF-marsbase3000 or go online and find a server running the map.

I really hope you enjoy it, I will be continuing to learn and map, I already have a cool looking surreal map in the works.

Happy fraggin

UNREAL (c)1998 Epic Megagames, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.  Distributed by
GT Software, Inc. under license.  UNREAL and the UNREAL logo are registered
trademarks of Epic Megagames, Inc. All other trademarks and trade names are
properties of their respective owners.

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