This map was designed for fast, furious and great gameplay... I think it has achieved that no problem:)


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This map was designed for fast, furious and great gameplay... I think it has achieved that no problem:)

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Download 'ctf-oldskoolhallz-v1-0.zip' (1.36MB)

====The Syphir Mappage Experience==============================================
==============Version 2.7===================================================
ReadMe Template : Version 2.7
ReadMe Size : n/a
ReadMe Date : n/a

This Readme was created using 800x600 resolution, by Syphir. You can e-mail me
at syfusion@hotmail.com I'd love to hear your thoughts about my maps, BUT 
remember the saying "If you aren't going to say something nice, don't say
anything at all." or something like that. Think of that when you e-mail me
about my maps, please.

This readme document should have been in a .ZIP file, with the .UNR
and other files (such as .OOG, .UTX, etc.). This readme is ONLY for
UT2003 maps, and only the map and it's outside textures and music (if any)
should be included.
====Map Information=======================================================
Map Name : Old Skool Hallz
Time Started: 11/14/03, at 2:36AM
Time Finished: 01/31/04, at 1:46AM
Time It Took To Finish: About two months. Read notes on why.
Scenario : CTF
Single Player : No
Multiplayer : Yes
Version : 1.0
Bugs : None that I can find.
Best Played With :  12-14 players.
Best Difficulty :  
UMX Name : .umx
OOG Name : KR-Collision Course.oog
Custom Textures : Yes
Custom Texture Packs : No
Theme : Old school style fast action 
Mutators : 
Special Inventory : SuperShockRifle
Inventory : 

Map Story : Welcome to OldSkoolHallz, a personal arena designed and created by Syphir himself. 
                 Located on an unidentified area, this facility was built specifically for the Unreal Tournament. 
                 This is no factory-turned killing zone, it was built for what it does: kill. 
                 With long corridors and no where to hide, OldSkoolHallz is currently Syphir's best work yet!

Change History : 

====Bug Feedback======================================================
If you find ANY bugs that aren't listed below, e-mail me immediately! I hate having
bugs in my maps. My e-mail address is syfusion@hotmail.com and use this list!


Here, you will learn how to install the files featured in the zip. All directories
are defualt.

The map (ut2): Unzip the file into the following defualt directory: C:\UT2003\Maps
or your UT2003 Maps folder.

The ReadME (txt): Unzip the file into any folder, it is not needed to make the map

====Author Information======================================================
Author Name : Sam .J
Author's Nick : Syphir
Author's UT / UT2k3 Nickname : Syphir
Author's E-mail Address : syfusion@hotmail.com
Author's Homepage : http://www.google.com
Author's Website(s) : http://ut2003-the-agent-clan.cjb.net/
Author's Age : 14

 Notes By Author : This map took two long months to make, because I quickly got bored with
                          making it after I created the full map layout. But I couldn't live with myself
                          if I got so close to finishing without doing so. Anyways, this map isn't made
                          for good looks, it's made for awsome gameplay, fast action and adrenaline.
                          My opinion on this map is that the map itself plays good, but doens't look
                          good. I could care less, more stuff gets in your way and slows you down.
                          So I'd say I succeeded =D

====E-mailing Information======================================================
If you are going to e-mail me, please be nice. ALSO! I will NOT accept
attachments from ANYONE. NO ONE MUST SEND ME ATTACHMENTS!!! If you
want me to check out your map or something, give me a link, not an 


====Copyright Information=======================================================
This, or MY maps are not copyrighted by anyone at this time. BUT, please don't
copy my maps, reuse this readme for your stuff, use my maps as a base for other
material, or link without asking. If you do, you are just a straigt out jerk.
Just simply ask me. I am really easy to get along with =)

The template for this readme was created on 9-18-2002.

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