This is Outpost33 as a CTF map.


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  Scattered over the surface of an obscure planet 40 listening stations were built to help safeguard Human space... In this place, even the environment can be used to tourture you. It will all end the same with pain and suffering for those who oppose.
  Parts of these maps themselves can be used to frag others. All you have to do is figure out how. (it won't be that hard) there are other goodies as well, Have fun and explore Outpost-33.
  Zip contents:
   CTF, DM, DOM, versions of Outpost-33

  1. Unzip to unzipped folder.
  2. Copy or Drag the map files to the MAPS folder.
  3. Leave the screen shots in Unzipped.
  4. Enjoy the maps.

  As with any of my maps Enjoy them and watch for more maps to come. Give credit where credit is due. Feel free to E-Mail with Feedback, Comments, Questions, and problems to XLucifer33@yahoo.com. Special Thanks goes to NaMANax who helped test the map and help performance.

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