CTF-Quantum Flux

A pretty good translation of Quantum Flux from Quake3


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A pretty good translation of Quantum Flux from Quake3

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Download 'ctf-quantumfluxfinal.zip' (4.71MB)

Title:- CTF-QuantumFlux - Q3CTF4 Remake

Files:- CTF-QuantumFlux.ut2, Screenshot.jpg & mapinfo.txt

Author:- TseTse, Byte, Illy

E-Mail:- byte@tsncentral.com

Description:- Just a remake of the popular map from Quake3. 
Was chosen as a quick project to visit some different ideas,
as well as to experiment with a few things. Its really the way
it should be played.

Version:- 1.0

Testing:- winxp 64mb Geforce, 512mb ram, 1.4ghz

Time Spent:- 1 week (start to finish exactly)

Notes:- this is basicially the only version there will be of this map
from us. We may release an update for any little bugs, otherwise, it
all should work fine

Installation: Put CTF-QuantumFlux.ut2 in your UT2003/maps directory.

Copyright 2003, STG

This file can not be distributed in any shape or form with out the authors permission
If you want to modify or change this map layout in any shape or form please contact
Byte at email provided above.

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