This is a set of modified CTF maps designed to enhance the gameplay for RemoteStrike. It includes CTF-(CS)-AcidPipe, CTF-(CS)-Bad_Night_In_...


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This is a set of modified CTF maps designed to enhance the gameplay for RemoteStrike. It includes CTF-(CS)-AcidPipe, CTF-(CS)-Bad_Night_In_Shotgun_Gulch, CTF-(RS)-CarPark, and CTF-(RS)-DenaliPass. All of these maps are classics in my book and are worth the download, whether or not you're a fan of RemoteStrike. For four maps, though, the 37MB download might be a bit much.

Be sure and check it out, let us know what you think!

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Download 'ctf-rs-remotestrike_maps-final.zip' (36.12MB)

// WoRM2k3: version SexySpecies6
// Weapon/Object Replacement Mutator 
// for Unreal Tournament 2003 v2225
// created by Kangus@beyondunreal.com

Homepage: http://wod.beyondunreal.com

Requirements: UT2003 v2225 and at least one weapons mod.

Key Features:
-Replace the default UT2k3 weapons and powerups with custom ones from other mods.
-Set up to 8 additional starting weapons for players to spawn with.
-Choose up to 4 Powerups for players to spawn with.
-Set the initial Health & Shield Levels of players.
-Bonus Powerups/Pickups: MegaAdrenaline & Invisibility.
-Save your favorite configurations as custom Presets for later use.
-Assorted other options on the last page of the config menu.
-Useful help text to tell you what does what in the configuration menu.

Usage Directions:
1) Unzip the .int and .u files to your UT2003\system folder. 
2) Run UT2003 and pick WoRM2k3 from the mutators list.
3) Click configure to choose what you want to replace with what, and what you want players to start with, etc.
4) start the match.

// Credits/Thanks:

All the hard work done by: Kangus, aka Justin Follis

Thanks to:
Master Bug Finder: Jeff Paden
Other Notable Testers: Vulture987, EvilDrWong, RegularX, Smoke39
Blind Faith in WoRM: Caesar
Unhealthy Amounts of Coffee Provided by: The Junction Eating Place

// Legal Stuff:

WoRM, WoRM2k3, all new code and all other such stuff is ©2003 Justin Follis.
You may study and learn from my code, but please do not steal any part of it without my permission.

You may not distribute this modification on any commercial CD without my prior written consent. 
You may distribute this modification in any electronic format as long as:
1. All the files in this archive are distributed together, including this readme, and the files remain intact and unmodified. 
2. There are no fees or charges of any kind. 

Unreal Tournament 2003 was created by Digital Extremes and Epic Games, Inc.
Unreal Tournament 2003 ©2002 Epic Games, Inc. Raleigh, N.C. USA. 

All other trademarks and trade names are the property of their 
respective owners.

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