This is fun as hell.

Team work is a must on this level!



An arena built on Ganymede. Snipe it out from the shadows or chuck in the redeemer, stand back and admire the squish...which works best? It's up to you!

Thanks for trying this map out. 
In the supreme versions of this map the pools reflect the rest of the map, making a more realistic map for systems that can handle it. 
It started as a bit of fun to create as much carnage as possible while keeping things simple. 
The thing is, it turned out quite a laugh to play. We released it as both CTF and DM, and also the 2 upgraded "supreme" versions, and the results are also available to download. We decided to release both maps as betas, although we will probably concentrate on just one for the final release. Do let us know if you have any ideas for the final map, find any bugs, or even if you just have an opinion on which game type we should polish. It is a simple, open map with a choice between explosive carnage or sneaky sneaky snipey action. Its up to you how you play and win. 
One last thing, We just tried it with the new invasion gametype and, well things do get kinda busy!

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