CTF-Stronghold v1.1

Wow. This map is a work of art. The map is set on a mountain ridge, with a bridge exending across two very deep ravines (Watch your step!)...


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Wow. This map is a work of art. The map is set on a mountain ridge, with a bridge exending across two very deep ravines (Watch your step!). The level of detail an care taken to make this map is wonderful. This is truly a must have, fun and a beautiful site!

As far as changes there's been some optimization with bot paths and a few other things, check out the readme for the nitty gritties.

My only beef is that I think he should try some texture panning to try and make the texture on the cliff walls a little less skewed, looks kind of goofy, besides that, it's awsome!

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Download 'ctf-stronghold_v1-1.zip' (2.01MB)

Stronghold of the Titans v1.1

Capture the Flag level

created by Stuart D. Wright

aka Big_Body_Snatcher

Original Version (1.0) Finished 4/19/03

Modified Version (1.1) Finished 10/18/03

Approx. 4.7 mb file size

Notes for version 1.1 (final):

This is the FIXED version of my original map (sorry it took so long, I've been quite busy), containing everything from the original version, plus improved effects and details, some corrected optimization and bot pathing issues, and several added bonuses for map navigation by the players. However, players of the previous version should understand that this is an update, and not a sequel.

Simply add it to the Maps sub-directory in the UT2003 main directory.

Enjoy this map! 

Special thanks goes to all those awesome gamers who have downloaded the original SDtrongholf of the Titans map from the websites, and who have given me honest feedback - You remind me of why I love making maps and playing PC games. Much love! 

Please send all feedback to Big Body Snatcher (Stuart Wright) at:




Older Notes for version 1.0:

I also like to think of it as Heat Miser vs Cold Miser (for those who are familiar with cult classic X-mas TV specials).

This is a level that I created for Unreal Tournament 2003. It is entirely original in its design and concept. In fact, experienced UnrealEditor users may notice the heavy use of pre-existing static meshes from the packages available with the retail version. This was my intention. It seemed challenging to create a new world given the limitations of pre-existing meshes, and makes for a much smaller file (less load time for the level). This level supports bots, but because of its complexity, bot usage should be minimized if not eliminated. I truly constructed this level with the human player in mind, even though a modest A.I was added.

One word of caution: because this level has many textures, effects, terrain, and high-polygon count static meshes, it is quite a system hog! Any Ghz machine with 512mB memory and a good 3D card can run it fine, but anything less and you will definitely have to lower the resolution and turn off special effects and other graphics options to increase the frame rate. In fact, even with a great system, lowering graphics quality will improve the gaming experience. This is because the native quality of the static meshes and base textures allow for the desired look and fell of the level even on the lowest graphics settings.
Interestingly, the major graphics performance drop-off is primarily due to the huge terrain present in the game, which if it were eliminated would noticably increase game speed (as this was tested), but would subtract from the the artistic concept, and playability of the level.

Any feedback for this level would be greatly appreciated. Please send all feedback to:

Stuart Wright at:

studeow03@aol.com and/or studeow@netscape.net

Thank you and enjoy.

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