=== A Map Review By :agent:Syphir=== === DM-Toxicity...


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=== A Map Review By :agent:Syphir=== === DM-Toxicity=== === Created By Bueno===

Alright everyone. This map, being my first CTF review, gives me good feeling about reviewing. This map makes me glad I became a reviewer. This map is an extremely fasted paced free-for-all style map, placed in a acid factory. Bingo! The downside, however, is major. It's laggy. Very laggy, unless you have an amazing videocard, which I, and most don't. Read on to...well, read more.

Texture Usage:

Very dynamic, very well placed. Very little mis-alignments. The skybox was very well chosen and nothing was irrelevant. Almost top-notch work!

Texture Usage: 9/10 Architecture:

Okay. Terrible lag without a cause. Could it be here? Or maybe everything? Who knows. Anyways. The architecture is pretty decent. The main climax is definetly in the center arena. Just look up, and you'll see. However, aside from that, nothing else is ground-breaking.

Architecture: 7/10 Layout:

This was fantastic. A secret cut where the redeemer is hidden. 2 bases with 2 access and exits. It's a medium sized map with very little flaws in this field.

Layout: 9/10 Lighting:

The lighting was well done. No special featurs, which also means little flaws. Nothing distracted me and, it was dynamic. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Lighting: *10/10 Overall:

Textures: 9/10 Architecture: 7/10 Layout: 9/10 Lighting:*10/10 Weapon Usage: 8/10 Total: 43/50 43 - Fantastic

0-5 Terrible 6-10 Very Poor 11-15 Poor 16-20 Mediocer 21-25 Bad 26-30 So-So 31-35 Okay 36-40 Good 41-45 Fantastic 46-49 Ownage 50-50 Syphir's Ownage

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Download 'ctf-toxicity.zip' (2.23MB)

CTF-Toxicity Map

Title                 : CTF-Toxicity

Release Date          : 01-05-03

Mapper                : Bueno

Email Address         : Metal_shooter@hotmail.com



Unzip the file CTF-Toxicity.ut2 in your UT2003\Maps dirctory and the file 
toxicity.usx in your ut2003\staticmeshes directory.

To play the map choose DM-Silver from the Capture the flag Mode Menu of
UT2003 after you install the files.

(Please do not modify this zip file or its contents.)


Thanks for playing this map

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