Ahhh, the beach at night. It brings back so many fond memories of my lost youth. But enough daydreaming. This is a crescent shaped beach,...


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Ahhh, the beach at night. It brings back so many fond memories of my lost youth. But enough daydreaming. This is a crescent shaped beach, with flag bases at each point and water in between. The map layout is familiar, but only adds to a great idea. The pillars and center area seem a tad out of place, especially with molten lava flowing into what looks like a cool bay. Maybe a waterfall or a water fountain would fit better. Also, the lava will not kill you. Must be that new "cool" lava I have been hearing about : )

Weapon layout needs some work, as there are 5 superweapon pickup's. That leans towards overkill in a map this size. Other weapons and power-up's are also in abundance, but sometimes too close together. There are also some item spawn points that don't spawn anything. Sadly, frame rates hovered at about 20-25 AvgFPS, this is something that should be looked at by the author.

This is a great looking map, and playability is definitely there, but there are a few glitches that need to be worked out for this map to really shine. I would love to see how this map shapes up in future revisions. ~rAzOr~

7410.jpg 7410at.jpg 7410bt.jpg

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Download 'ctf-uranusfinal.zip' (2.45MB)

CTF-UranusFINAL           Created by  A/\G Leveldevelopment
Title                   : Unranus
Date                    : Nov 2002
Filename                : CTF-UranusFinal.zip

Author                  : Redeemer99
Email Address           : alex2002xp@t-online.de
Home Page		: Coming soon!

Description             : This is the holy place where the aliens are praying every day to their God Uranium,
                          but now this place is in danger,try to defeat the attakers by sabotaging their recources.
                          Only than this place can be saved.|Short:Play it,look at the fantastic graphic,have fun.

Credits to              : Alexander Gorda  [Redeemer99]

Build Time 

About two weeks,and a few days for the final version
* Play Information *

Single Player           : No
Deathmatch              : No
Capture the Flag	: Yes
Double Domination	: No
Bombing Run		: No

New Textures		: No
New Sounds		: No
New Static Meshes	: No
New Music		: No

* Know bugs *
                               *NO BUGS*

Recommended graphiccards:Nvidia GeForce 4 TI 4200-4600 Processors: Beginning with 1ghz.
Some people have problems to run this map on ATI radeon cards,so i don´t recommend them.

I tested on my system 1,2ghz Athlon,384MbRam,GeForce4 ti 4200 (overclocked to 610/310mhz ddr)
Works fine.


Unzip CTF-Uranus.ut2 to your UT2003 Maps directory,and have fun.     :)

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