Great space floater... the author did a nice job separating the bases so there is no weapon spammage:)


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Great space floater... the author did a nice job separating the bases so there is no weapon spammage:)

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Download 'ctf-utronic.zip' (5.44MB)

CTF-UTronic for UT2003

Map Name : CTF-UTronic

Author : UTGhost / Ryu_Senshi

Email : netcraft78@hotmail.com

GameType : Bombing Run

Rec. Players : 8 - 14

Max Players : 18 playerstarts

New material: Yes

Custom Textures : Yes (About 98%)

Known bugs : none 


Pace: Varies from vey fast to average, depending on playercount

Map Description: This is the CTF version of UTronic. It takes place in
space with 1 base orbiting the Earths Atmosphere, 1 base orbiting an
Alien Galaxy, and a center area that is somewhere in-between the two
bases in some distant part of space. I tried to keep the Earths Solor
System as simple as possible so you might find that the alien galaxy
is much more "Beautiful" to look at. I have highly optimized the map
for gameplay on slower video cards so performance should be optimal
(I am running it on an 800mhz AMD with 640 meg of SDRAM and a
Geforce2 64 meg video card). I get an average frame rate of 40 through
out the map so those of you with better systems will get at least an
average frame rate of 90 (I've tested it on a system with 128 meg video). 

Version : 1.00 (I may update, depending on feedback)


Construction: About a 3 1/2 weeks, working on bugs, textures, and optimization.

Editors used : UnrealED 3.0, PSP + CTFyce and Universe for the Custom Textures,
                     3DS Max For SM's.

Installation: Place the .ut2 file in your "UT2003\maps" directory.
                 Place the .ogg file in your "UT2003\Music" directory

Now I would like to show my thanks and appreciation to the following people who were
a **BIG** help in the creation of UTronic.

OblivionCTFinga : For helping me with the optimization of Static Meshes in the map, Beta
                       Testing and Demanding that I fix my weapon placement... Thanks CTFo!!!
                       I Would't have changed the placement if it weren't for you and your mesh
                       optimization is more than appreciated... Thanks for your late nights and
                       ALL your help! =)

Rykforce:         For ALL his beta testing, detail suggestions, bug reporting and his never
                       ending patience through it all... You Da Man! Thaks bud! 

Rydesolow:      For beta testing after beta testing after beta testing... LMOA!!! Your friendship
                       is priceless... Thanks for being there...

Everyone at the    --{Planet Slaughter}--{IG Your Wap}--    Server. You guys are my feul for doing
the best I can and you keep coming back and mean more to me than you know... Thanks for all
your beta testing and bug reporting. You've all been a great help! I'll see you on the server!


You may distribute this map however you wish provided the zip file is left untouched and
intact, and money does not change hands for it. If you want to put it on a cover CD for
a magazine, drop me a line at netcraft78@hotmail.com . You may not use any of the custom
textures in other maps or distribute them publicly or for money. If you would like to use
any of the textures in the map or have an idea for some custom textures you need help with,
please send me an email and I will be happy to help you out.

UT2003 Copyright follows:

UNREAL, UNREAL TOURNAMENT and UT2003 (c)1998 Epic Megagames, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.  Distributed by GT Software, Inc. under license.
UNREAL and the UNREAL logo are registered trademarks of Epic Megagames,
Inc. All other trademarks and trade names are properties of their
respective owners.

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