Updtaed version of Utronic... This map has had a major overhaul and the special effects are kick arse!!!

UTGhost makes some damn nice Mappage... hope he will also make Ut2004 ones too... hint hint:) ONS



-----{ CTF-UTronic_Rev1 }-----

***** IMPORTANT ******

Some of the visual effects do NOT work properly online at this time. I'm pretty sure it's online compatible it's just a couple of the warp effects don't work properly... You've Been Warned. Although it should work in UT2k4 so when that comes out I will release an update.


Conversion of the CTF map Vortex Portal from Quake 3 Team Arena to 
a CTF map for Unreal Tournament 2k3.  


[|> Custom Textures:	 Plenty

[|> Custom Scripts:	 Sure

[|> Custom Meshes:	 Why hell yes! ;-)

[|> Custom Sounds:	 Oh you know it!

[|> Custom Soundtrack:	 Yeah baby, Yeah!


As far as the custom pickups go, here's what they do:

SDamage: Double Damage for 1 minute, Full Adrenaline, Full Ammo (ONLY for weapons in your inventory)
	 and it brings your health back up to 100 if you are low. However, it will not bring your health
	 over 100

Mini Damage:  Tripple Damage for 20 seconds, 20 adrenaline, and full ammo (ONLY for the 1 weapon you have selected)

Mini Shields:  +3 to shields ( I tried it with +5 but it was too easy to score after picking up 20 in shields right
               by the goal ). The +3 seemed to work out the best while proving fun at the same time...

Super Adrenaline:  Gives you +50 to adrenaline. Giving only +50 made for a great pickup while not making it too easy
		   to just pick up and grab the ball and combo your heart out... So although you can set it to give
		   100 in other maps it wasn't feasable for this one.

I was going to make a weapon pack pickup or an ALL ammo pickup but never got around to it... Oh well


You may NOT ----> NOT ----> NOT think I won't let you use this map for whatever the hell you want. LOL! Sure, if you want to use the textures, meshes, pickups, sounds, whatever.... I don't care. Actually, please do! The more variety you guys have to work with the better right? Just don't forget me...

Just do me one favor and don't edit the actual map. Such as changing the layout or adding your clan logo converting game types... etc... etc.... 

If you want to use the pickup scripts, they are embedded in mylevel so you'll need to open this map in the editor and then open yours and then you can place the pickups as usual and they will then be embedded in your "myLevel".

Anywho... Have fun!


Thanks to EVERYBODY who's ANYBODY out there! 

Included but not limited to:

Legionaire Joe
All my supporters at INA forums ;)

and the list goes on and on and on and on and on....

But I can't forget my BEAUTIFUL wifey for all of her, well... actually she don't like pc games that much so scratch that!

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