Play Information ---------------- Game : Unreal Tournament Game type : Capture the Flag Level Name...


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Play Information ---------------- Game : Unreal Tournament Game type : Capture the Flag Level Name : CTF-WTF New Sounds : No New Textures : No New Music : Yes Player Count : 4-14

Map Info -------- This map is very large single room arena that is made to make you think to yourself: WHAT IS THIS?! The music is very humorous at first, but then gets on your nerves and makes you go crazy. All of the panning or moving textures can cause you to feel sick to your stomach or disorient you during a jump. With regular gravity in the lower portion and low grav higher up, the game speed feels distorted. The map is surprisingly big and makes you feel like you are crawling along at an extremely slow pace.

The map includes all weapons from UT. There are few obstacles or objects that allow for any real strategy. Each player spawns from an elevated position and lands on a weapon. Both teams share spawnpoints, so you can spawn near the enemy flag.

The jump pad (kicker) in the center pool launches you well above the elevated bar and into the low grav section of the map. This allows for some interesting gameplay and excellent vertical fighting.

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Unzip the file.
Place CTF-WTF.unr in the \maps directory.
Place Mary.umx in the \music directory.

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