Damarus the 2nd

Another Damarus skin released, this time by Aiden Harris.


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Another Damarus skin released, this time by Aiden Harris.

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Download 'damarus_the_2nd.zip' (423KB)

Author:Aidan Harris
Build Time:Approx 2hours
To Import the skin Insert the third ut2003 disc click on it.
it should say it has extras or something say yes install Upaint it's only about 5megabytes.
next save the damarus the 2nd.upp skin into the characters folder in the UPaint directory.
Start Upaint click file,then open,then click on damarus the 2nd.upp then go to file and then click on import character into Unreal.
Go into Unreal And it should be in the player selection.
My email adress is Jediharris(might be a 2 after jediharris)@eircom.net
If don't like the skin obviously dont download it.I am only 13 and its my first skin so no critisim only tips please(i.e i'm not very good) 

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